Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Missing you guys!!!

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I am back!!!

and Missing you guys already. *haha* sounds so lessbo-ish.

The BKK trip was awesome. Fun. And I made a new friend, Winnie!! Not only is she friendly, she's also open! You know how some people, when you talk to them, they'll just answer you in a word or as few as possible where else with some, you can just meet them and yet chat nonstop AND talk about anything and everything under the sky! =)

Wished we had more time though and more $$$. The only sad part is that I can't fit into half the clothes that I bought! Bengangness. !@#$%^%^&

I am such a fatty! unlike aneroxic Lyn b bimb!

I thought that I had lost some weight due to some exercising efforts and my poo poo pills. However, the pictures taken of me looked huge-ish. Big arms. Round face. SOBS!

No worries. This just means that I'll have to double my efforts even more. Probably jog.. or swim.. or play basketball or something! Anything!! =( I really find it hard to lose weight and sometimes it's just SO annoying to see so many skinny girls around especially those with high metabolism.

I wished that I had better metabolism.
Then again, wishing is just passiveness. It'll get me no where.


Now that I am back, something else is troubling me again and I wished I had an immediate solution to it. Or at least, a sign.

Being an adult is not fun.

So, to all you young yuppies out there in school and uni... enjoy your youth and adolescence while you can. Don't grow up too fast. Enjoy your age and most importantly, the growing process from an ugly duckling to a swan and of course, hopefully with abundance of wisdom.


soolynnie said...

r u serious?!?! 1/2 of the clothes!?!? but u tried wat! hahah.. sell it off then.

Fumoffu said...

How long did you stay in Bangkok? So fast back jor?

goingkookies said...

lynnie: wahaha.. no lar.. i just recounted... our of 20 over pieces.. 2 confirm cannot wear cos too tight.. maybe about 5 more need to lose weight only look nicer.. muahahha

u la.. look nice in all of yours.. tot i'll look nice in mine too.. bleh..

how was winnie's?

fumoffu: was there 3 days 2nights..