Sunday, July 5, 2009

In the name of fun

You see, Nuffnang announced this famous MTV Bloggers competition whereby..

MTV is looking for current, original and talented bloggers possessing the flair for writing to be voices of today’s youth. If you are an inspired wordsmith in tune with what’s hot and what’s not in entertainment, this could be the big break for you!

As an official MTV Blogger, you’ll manage your own blog calendar, meet celebrities, travel and cover exclusive MTV events.

Posted by Robb on Jun 20th, 2009

Head over here for more info.

and as I was just checking out ppl's blog.. I came across this guy, Hamlet's hero's blog.

This is the effort he has put in, in the hopes of winning the prize!! So, go check it out.

Yeah, it may appear lame and silly to some of you but you got to admit, at least, he has the "ahem ahem" to do it. It's funny in a silly way. Just like how you guys like Chow Sing Ji (Stephen Chow)'s lame corny shows or Scary movies' silliness.

Wonder what his future employers would say though.. hehe


YULI said...

really ooooops!!!

zewt said...

wow... the kinda thigns ppl do for fame...

renaye said...

wow. good effort.

goingkookies said...


zewt: i dun think they're really doing it for fame exactly.. more like to win the competition!!