Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Monday blues offset by Ice age 3!

Feeling rather blue today...
No.1 - It is because it's MONDAY!!
No.2 - I found out as my bond with my company has expired (which is somewhat a good news), however, that means I no longer am eligible for any study or exam leaves. Since, I have one more paper to go, I'll have to apply my own leave for that. Bummer.
No.3 - On to another matter, I thought that I would receive some sort of concrete news but nothing has been confirmed just yet.
No.4 - Had a mini argument with the fishball... oops... I meant bf whilst driving home. Nothing major but it just made the day a tad more blue.
*SIGH* A dose of Ice Age3 would have been the right, instant cure.

Watched it at Tropicana City Mall on Sunday with my new bf, Gill as she needed a time out. The show started a little slowly at the beginning. However, as it progressed, we were laughing nonstop along with the WHOLE cinema! There were some scenes that wasn't exactly tickling my funny spots but the malay girl on my right kept laughing. Like???

Initially, I found Sloth a bit OMG!! But to be "optimistic", blur/dumb like Sloth can be an advantage. After all, ignorance is bliss.

I really like the part where they were stuck in the cave trapped with "poisonous" gas that made them laugh insanely and inappropriately.

Besides that, Peaches is SUPER adorable!!

Well, no more spoilers for the majority of you!! Go watch it to find out who is Peaches and enjoy. =)
Rate: 4/5
Cos it really tickled my funny bone and made me laughed like I haven't laughed in ages


Lisa717 said...

aiyoh~ syok la u..hehe..watched Ice Age liow!! sigh..i gt no time to watch eh~~ hmm..hope I gt more time to watch it in the coming days ler~~

goingkookies said...

eh.. where u live?? if free.. go watch it lor.. tropicana city mall near ss2 confirm got tickets!!! =)

i dont mind watching it again.. seriously.

Anonymous said...

looking forward to watch it! =D