Wednesday, July 29, 2009

badminton woes

OMG! Gossip Girl (GG) is just soooo freaking addictive! I am at Season 1 Episode 18!! The first few episodes are really nice and happy but the ending of the season gets all twisty and sad-ish.. that's life though.


Do you know how hard it is to book a badminton court???!!!

This is how it started...

I called my church's gym/badminton court and was told that it's free on Thursdays as it's ministry day to encourage mingling with the UTAR students. But based on that, I would guess that there would be way too many people and not enough courts.

Then, I asked how about other days and was told that 8-10pm are peak hours and they were fully booked unless we wanted the 6-8pm slot. Which is a bit hard as we're all working and it'll require us to drive like a bunch of maniacs to reach our destination and even then... 6pm?? Doubt if we can even make it in time.

And so it would seem that every other courts that I inquired were also fully booked!!

OMG! Since when were people so gung ho and into badminton?? and where have I been all these years to not notice this???

But so far, my church's court is the cheapest!! RM15 per hour!!

Taman Megah's court is RM28 per hour but you have to play a minimum of two hours! Challenger's courts are RM23 per hour but no telephone booking allowed. You'll have to go to their courts to book and minimum is two hours, too! Unless, you walk in and there's a free court, you get to play for an hour.

Checked online and came to SaimatKong's blog regarding the Ara courts that is near the Pantai Seafood just around my housing area. His blog states that it's RM60 for 2 and half hours from 8.30-11pm! That's so frigging expensive!

I am ready to hand in the towel and admit defeat. So much for my enthusiasm that I'll be able to play and get some form of exercise this week. Last Thursday's badminton session was just SO fun IMHO (in my humble opinion)! Although my aunt was haggling me to "raise your racquet higher!!", "stay in the centre!!" and "don't take it if you don't think you can.." but at least it forced me to move and be more serious.

If it was just Gill, Dan and me playing, I'd probably goof the whole night. Sometimes, I think that's my way of covering my inadequacies. I just make joke of myself and make light of the situation. Oh well. That's just me.

Anyways, currently from last week's game, I owe DanSan 13 cans of 100plus. He's not very nice either by NOT giving me ANY handicaps seeing the fact that I've not played badminton in a billion years (hmm.. since my bf-courting-me days) and besides, never played it as a game seriously. PLUS, I don't exercise at all meaning I lack stamina, coordination and basic badminton skills??!!

ANNNDDD... DanSan keeps saying that I need the exercise. GEE... definitely does not help with my self esteem. HAHA. Gill, how can you let him bully me?? I though we were friends... SOBS.... HEHE. Oh well, this week, I was hoping to diminish the amount of 100plus cans owing to him. Darn it.

Guess not.


zewt said...

something tells me you're from DUMC.... hehe...

goingkookies said...

haha i m not!! haha but my church is nearby