Thursday, July 9, 2009

sick... again =(

This week, I have been rather remissed in my blogging. Have been feeling a little under the weather but was still "healthy" due to my popping a gazillion vitamin C's down my throat. Unfortunately, I ran out of those little yellow pills on Sunday and hadn't had the chance to go buy more. Hence, I fell ill and it didn't helped that I slept at 7pm last night til today!


Just before my BKK trip!! Darn it. At least I fell sick before and not during the trip!!

Anyways, went to the doctor and it doesn't seem serious or life threatening. I had slight fever, feeling flu-ish with blocked nose, body aching, headache, chest discomfort whilst breathing. So, I came home with a super HEAVY head, had my lunch and am now blogging. Going to rest soon. Bugger headache!!

My mum bought 2 boxes of vitamin C's yesterday for me! So, I am ready to take on the world once again!


ps: BKK = Bangkok

UPDATE@ 11.50pm:
wah.. haven't slept so much in ages!

Slept from 7pm last night til today 2pm. Went to see the doc. Came home, surf the net a bit then sleep again til9ish pm. Woke up, had dinner and online again.

Going to sleep soon. Popped 16 lilttle yellow pills so far!! Feel better already!

4 comments: said...

get well soon! =)

Jemsen said...

Hi, thx for visiting my blog & clicking my ads. =D
Wanted to click on ur ads, but sadly don't have any...

soolynnie said...

win is also having fever now! what if both of u cant board the plane!?!?

goingkookies said...

kenwooi: thanks!!

jemsen: no worries! u can always come back another time =p

lynnie: OH NO!! HOW HOW?? i die die also must get ont he plane!! no fever la.. scared scared now..