Friday, July 17, 2009

BKK trip Day 2, Part 2

I think Smashpop's photos are AWESOME!

And so, Lyn separated from Win and I and left Chatuchak. Where else, we headed to Siam Paragon by BTS (which is Thai's LRT but they also have MRT). Don't ask what's the difference cause I don't know! =p

Due to the hot weather, we kept drinking LOADS of water. Hence, we "gap liu" (Cantonese for wanna pee) and went to Siam Paragon's toilet! There were many females of all ages "pan leng" (cantonese for prettifying themselves). The toilet looked more impressive than the picture portrays it.

IMPORTANT to note: If you want to save on money spent on water, this is what we did. Go to 7eleven and buy 2 bottles of water each! Only costs about RM0.60 where else if you go to Platinum Mall or the Malls in general, it'll probably cost you RM2 - RM4 depending where. Then again, some people might feel it's only a paltry amount. It's up to you.

After that, we walked about Siam Paragon as Win was looking for a wallet for her baby. And looked what I came across???!!!!

After walking a bit, we felt like there was anything much to see and was heading outwards when we saw a sign leading us to the Gourmet Market. Win and I decided to check it out as we haven't had our lunch yet. There were LOADS of food.

And then, we headed to Central World as Win figured there might be more variety at the departmental stores, about 10minutes walking distance from Siam Paragon and there is a path leading underneath the BTS track. However, to two very, extremely exhausted and in pain people, it felt like FOREVER til we reached.

We walked around Central World and was joined by Lynnie after her dodgy activity. We then, headed back to Siam Paragon amidst the soreness and sourness of our leg muscles as they offered better prices for Win's purchase. After that, we headed to a place to just sit and chill.

Even then, our poor little feet didn't have a refreshing rest as we soon headed out of the high end malls and walked about the streets with little shops tucked inside the shoplots.

Lyn and Win were so engrossed in their discussion that they failed to notice the above. I felt funny as I listened to the song being played in passing and noticing that EVERYONE was standing still!!

"Eh girls.. I think we need to stand still... cause I think it's the national anthem that's being played!!" I hurriedly told them. Lyn quipped, "Take a pic!! Take a pic!!".

Somehow, the picture doesn't do the actual scene justice. I am so awed by the respect that the Thais have for their country which probably can't be said for ours. I bet you if such an incident happened in our "wonderful" home country, people will still hustle and bustle about with nary a thought.

And then, we headed back to Central there for dinner as recommended by Lyn.

It was a good dinner. We had duck condiment, lala, fruit or something salad, awesome fish, tom yam kung and what is a meal without beer??!! Well, for some ppl, that is.

And then, we headed to Patpong. We bought LOADS of stuff from Naraya. Too bad no pics. However, Patpong is like our Petaling Street. People here are a bit to the rude side and also crude I would say.

The guys MOLESTED Lyn's and my arms. Trying to "get" us to go in the go go bars. Obviously we rejected. The whole concept was rather seedy. As we walked down the street, I could see girls in bikinis dancing on the bar top with poles through the open doors.

Probably guy's idea of heaven?? Hmmm... Thai girl show to be experience some other time...

We then headed back to our hotel, tidied our bags, showered and trudged downstairs to the hotel lobby's massage parlour to have our aching feet woes be soothed.

And then it was ZZZZZZZ time for us in preparation for our LAST day in BKK!!

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