Sunday, July 19, 2009


Fraternising with the enemy
Clicking with your groupie
Thought you were my homie
but you're hanging out without me

Losing my ground
Elsewhere I am bound
Wished I could make a sound
If only I can be found

Misunderstood perhaps
Nonchalant I try
Two faces and double standardedness
Enough is enough

Many years have past
Each encounter with you is the same
When will I learn
And save myself from this burn?

Out of sight
Out of mind
What am I to you?
A lapdog? an acquaintance?
Tell me, what am I to you?

Antisocial, you call me but
My handphone does not ring
Don't say I did not try
Cos I know I did

Many things are happening
I am out of the loop
People move in and
People move out

Am I your friend?
Cos you are mine
Do you think of me?
Perhaps, once upon a time

It's easy to put on a facade
and eventually, it becomes reality
and the true you starts to fade away
or perhaps, this is the true you

Check out the Shan and Rozz show below and don't underestimate an ang moh! Sometimes, they can speak even more fluently than a chinese.


nQw said...

OMG...that's so weird to hear from a westerner

And i was just talking about westerners on my blog few days ago >.<

goingkookies said...

yeah.. especially if you just hear and not see the face.. u just might not be able to tell that it was an angmoh