Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Just another day

- went to the doctor's to get medication
- reached my turn only at 1pm!!
- got my mc but still went to work
- rushed to office and had a bun (thanks kris!) and my painkillers!

afternoon til evening
- felt better a bit but woozy, nauseous and sleepy after the meds
- had a short discussion with the lady boss & wonder if it was just a show.
- plurked, surfed the net, checked emails
- disturbed fellow colleagues who ended up bullying me =(
- fetched my petbro to KLIA and was treated mcd's for dinner
- realised that being in KLIA was a bad choice. perfect place to contract H1N1 flu or rather higher chances of getting it. craps!
- told my petbro that i dun want to see him when he comes back cos i dun want to ruin my chances of going to bkk!! hehe
- sped at 140km/hr and reached home in half hour or slightly less!
- love driving fast. the adrenaline. the thrill. the challenge.

- tidied my clothes
- checked out other nuffnanger's blogs and recent posts through innit
- applied ETA (Electronic Travel Authorisation) for my mum
- was about to play guitar heroes on my newly purchase PS2 but ended up chatting with my fishball bf and my cousin all the way from the land of stoned koalas and awesome possums!!

Gosh. Feeling flu-ish still. It's off and on. Have to bring a new pack of vitamin Cs to consume tomorrow in office. My colleagues are going to think I am a pill popper if they haven't already! Feel so exhausted.

Planned to sleep earlier today but it was great chatting to you, Jo. I hope that you feel better after our conversation. Just remember, there is always a rainbow after a storm (that's what i have to remind myself) which is somewhat similar to the silver lining proverb. Never ever give up and it's never too late to change. Life is a continuous journey of changes.

And at the end of the day, it's us who makes those very choices that will affect us for the rest of our lives. It is better to live and learn then to be stuck in the rut forever, constantly living in regrets.

Hugs k. Night folks.
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rccnlj said...

Hope you are feeling better d..

goingkookies said...

still alive!!! u??