Friday, July 3, 2009

My bf FLASHED me!!

My monthly hp bill has been costing me a bomb this past few months ever since I changed from digi postpaid to prepaid. When I was on prepaid, my bills roughly cost RM600 for 4 months! Now, it's almost RM400 a month! Actually, it's ever since the bf was in aussie, my bill has skyrocketed!

Today, as I logged on, saw the bf online and just said that we might as well chat online. I was on webcam, happily chatting away when he told me that as he had just reformatted his laptop, he does not have the webcam installed just yet. Annoyed my for a teensy second.

Anyways, fine by me. I get to talk and show him funny faces while he slowly types his responses to me. Wheee.... plus I get to talk nonstop without him interrupting me! How awesome is that??!! *haha*

He told me that he'll teach me how to do the below only if I promise not to blog it. Well, I didn't promise and he saw my crossed fingers!! Whoopiiee.. Next time, I won't ask his permission. I'll just do it. Then, there's no chance for him to deny me!! Nyek nyek.

The bf, trying to look thin!! *hehe*

looking like a piggie?

hiding, once he knew i was taking printscreen shots with the intention to blog it!

somemore pandaily suggest me to put him on full screen =p

And he flashed me ok!! So traumatised!! Good thing can't see much! *hehe* He thought I wouldn't get it on printscreen in time. Take that! =p

UPDATE @ 2am: Last pic taken down due to request. I am in trouble. =(

no wonder lar.. ask me to put full screen!!
The pic is back... the bf flashing me!!!

Update @ 3/7/2009 10.15pm: The bf told me to put back the pic cos he says NOW everyone will think he flashed his ahem ahem at me. Hehe.

That's all for now. Toodles.

ps: I am so a DEADMEAT for posting his pics!! keke..


ray said...


goingkookies said...


sorry la. had to take out the pic..
i m not kidding. he really flashed me.

just not what u r thinking la -p

Lisa717 said...

wat a funny couple we have here^^

goingkookies said...

eheh.. i kena marah a bit ler.. =p


Anonymous said...

haha.. if you dont put the pic.. i also will think he flashed him ahem ahem.. =P

goingkookies said...


i tot my bf quite ok wan.. mana tau he was quite annoyed about the pic thingy...

told him i make him famous on my blog ma.. =p