Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday and Cumulus Inc


Today is Good Friday, the beginning of the Easter holiday weekend. In Australia, we get Good Friday and Easter Monday off work. I think it's ironic to have a holiday that is supposed to be a time of reflection of Jesus dying on the cross for us mortal humans but the Easter bunny and chocolates are the highlights.

In fact, many Australians aren't religious or into religion except for when they swear and use Jesus' name in vain. I think it's really sad.

I won't claim to be super religious. I try to know God more, to learn more about Him and to be the child He wants me to be. I have to be shamefully honest and admit that I do slack, missing Sunday services, at times. I don't declare it with glee but with chagrin and a heavy heart.

It was good that the hubs and I made it to City Life Church at Knox on Good Friday. 

Many cars with many people crowding the car park and surrounding housing area forced us to park a walking fair distance away resulting in us being late, missing the first and second song. 

Pastor Mark Conner spoke. It was simple and easy to follow. The main gist was the reasons Jesus died. He did so fulfilling the scriptures, offering His life as a sacrifice to ransom us from all that we've done and will do wrong. 

We don't simply enter the pearlie gates by doing good works. It is so much more than that. So much more simpler. All we have to do is just believe in Him and for all that He has done, to accept him into our hearts and give it to him. Just like that.

It was good to just take time to ponder and reflect all that has happened and all that He has done. Reminds me to be more faithful in my walk with Him. I am painfully aware I lack discipline and it is a constant struggle to instill good habits.

I guess as long as I keep trying, I will succeed one day as opposed to throwing in the towel.

After church, we made our way to city to meet the visiting Sydneysiders. It was past lunch time but we decided to have a go at Cumulus Inc, striking it off Miss J's 'places-to-eat' list. It has been voted well with 87% likes by over 3000 people on Urbanspoon.

Cumulus Inc Eating House and Bar situated at 45 Flinders Lane opened in 2008. Performing remarkably well, it has won The Age Good Food Guide since 2010 till 2013. This seems more of a high class pub (close to fine dining, I reckon) as reflected in the prices of their food shown in the below pictures.


We ordered the must-have-highly-recommended-on-Urbanspoon-whole-roasted-lamb-shoulder. Pretty pricey at AUD75 but we shared it amongst the four of us. Besides that, we had a platter of 'Kitchen Charcuterie selection' for AUD28.60 and the 'Baby iceberg salad, parmesan, capers & chopped egg' priced at AUD13.20.

The waitress that served us was wonderful. She was ever patiently answering our noob first timer questions. And there was another waitress that was just fantastic as she kept filling up our glasses with water round after round. No dirty looks, too as we didn't order any drinks.

For those who aren't aware, in Australia, water is served at eateries free of charge (different from Malaysia where you have to buy bottled water) and usually Chinese tea at Chinese eateries.

After placing our orders, my friends happily snapped photos after photos. Made me feel so at home with them. Usually, it's just me taking pictures much to Mr. C's dismay as he just wants to dig straight in the food when it's served but he has to layan (indulge) me.

Lols. It's really an Asian culture. We love to eat and we definitely LOVE to document the food we taste. My friend, YC dubs it as an #AsianRitual and I heartily agree with him. :)

Complimentary tasty garlic bread

Fascinating charcuterie

I actually enjoyed the array of prosciutto, pate, wagyu beef with pickled cucumber and creamed parmesan

The acclaimed roasted lamb shoulder that falls off the bone that goes well with the lemon and onion

Haha. More snappity snap time! Smartphones are whipped out and clickety click click click away. 

The salad (forgot to snap a photo) was beautiful and fresh tasting that we ordered a second salad which was just as delicious. 

Apparently, Cumulus Inc, for dessert is famous for its Madeleines filled with lemon curd. And boy was the reviews right. We were not disappointed, that's for sure! 

When served, the smell that pleasantly greeted my nose was heavenly waffle like. The lemon curd was tangy and melts in your mouth. A beautiful pairing of tastes between sweet and sour.

All in all, it was a good experience dining here. We received excellent customer service. The food was faultless but the price is precious. I guess it's best to go for breakfast for a 'cheaper' meal.

If you ever decide to try out this eatery, make sure you have the Madeleines!

Madeleine that we Malaysians refer to as Kuih Bahulu

Miss Lawyer's chocolate tart. She joined us late into our food being served.

Aaah... boots and coats signalling Autumn cooling weather

After our meal, we traipsed about Melbourne city. Down Flinders Lane towards Federation Square and along Swanston Street as we made our way back to Miss J's brother's place near Queen Victoria Market.

Later on, Mr. C and I attended Dave Hughe's Freezer Bread performance at Comedy Theatre. Can't remember if I've blogged about him. Fondly known as 'Hughesy', he is an Australian stand up comedian and a radio and television presenter we bumped into during our honeymoon in Phuket end 2011. 

Mr. C and I tune in to him with Kathy on Nova most mornings on the way to work.

You could tell from his giggles and snickers that Mr. C enjoyed Hughesy's humour and jibes. Where else for me, I felt a little lost at times and not exactly partial to his crass and sarcastic humour. Not to be a prude but he did say the word 'c**t' several times.

Russell Peters had me in stitches but Hughesy sadly did not.

Paparazzi dog at Federation Square

Miss A and Miss J tasting sinfully rich fries from Lord of the Fries

Cute lolli looking doughnuts at Krispy Kreme

The whole Easter weekend was about hanging out with my Sydney friends and food, food and food!Loved having friends visit. I get to chill with them. Chat non-stop and try out new makan places!

There'll be more... 
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Monday, March 18, 2013

Zam Zam : Best Roti in Melbourne !!

How is it that no one has recommended me this eatery ever??! I've not read a single blog review and neither is it popping all over Urbanspoon but its roti and curry is waaaay more delicious than Rich Maha and India Delights and definitely Mamak! ;p 

And if you've been following my blog, you would know that I've raved a few times about those two Indian makan (eating) places.

It so happened that I stumbled upon this humble eatery before Mariah Carey's concert early January.

Wanted to have an early dinner at Mamak (newly opened Malaysian eatery in Melbourne. Sydney branch is the original shop) on Lonsdale Street only to find it close. We saw Zam Zam's next door and decided to give it a go.

Since then, whenever we are in the city and crave for roti or Indian mamak food, we'll head here. Sadly, not many people patronise this place. Mamak has a queue but the true mamak next door is barely half filled.

In Malaysia, mamak is a colloquial term referring to Tamil Muslims and mamak stalls are usually run by them.  Traditionally, mamak stalls used to be roadside stalls. These days, the modern mamak operators have moved their business into restaurant or kopitiam (cafe) sort of concept.

It is where the young people tend to hang out at night after a game of soccer/futsal or to watch a game of soccer on big screens set up or after a late night movie or basically, to chill and hang out with friends. Some even hang out at mamaks after clubbing sessions to unwind and get the alcohol out their system before heading home.

Food at mamak shops are relatively cheap and affordable. And it's usually opened all year round and some are even open 24/7!! I kid you not! :) But this is in Malaysia not Australia.

Anyways, if you are ever around Melbourne CBD, make sure you head over to Zam Zam on Lonsdale and support them!! Once you try their roti, I am sure you will be back for more!

For your information, I don't get any free roti for fondly shouting from my blog, raving about this awesome place. Although, I think I should. *hehe*

They really need to spent a bit on interior and shop concept to draw the crowd in. If not, get people raving about this spot... then again, if this place becomes popular, I'll have to queue up which isn't something I like to do. Lols. 

I reckon they should revamp the interior to have a more classic Malaysian 'mamak' feel

Looks like they adapted the previous tenant's interior without adding much mamak feel

Perhaps remove this portion and do open out doors ; outdoors for the smokers

Maybe do a Lorong Seratus Tahun kind of shop concept

Delish roti telur!! sort of like flaky bread with egg

BEST maggie goreng (fried Maggie noodles) I've had so far in Melbourne!!!
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Friday, March 15, 2013

My week in words

I thought with the hubby missing in action, I could go gallivanting after work or weekend. But nope... after Moomba Festival on Saturday in the city with YC, I was a goner for the rest of the week.

Fri night
Picked up a friend from Glen Waverley train station. Had dinner at Papa Rich. Had long chats. Went home after a couple of hours. Had more looooong girly chats. Slept late.

Woke up. Throat was ticklish. Took the train to the city. Had brunch at 1000 Pound Bend 'cos the queue at Harward Societe was just insane. Parted ways with my friend. Traipsed about Melbourne Central. Throat started to hurt. Had bubble tea. Fixed my wonky Sammie 2.

Met up YC and later on his friend. Walked to Federation Square and along the river. Moomba Festival was alright but would have been more entertaining if one played the games and be part of the event. Bask in the sun. Drank frozen coke. Thirst still not quench. Heat was insane. Head started to hurt. Throat was killing me.

Had dinner at Sambal Kampung and my Brissie friend joined us. YC dropped us off at Glen Waverley where my car was parked. Drove home. Bathed. Said 'nite' to my friend and died in my bed.

The head kept me up. Did not have a deep, healing sleep. Throat was dry and hot despite gulping gallons of water.

I was already infected. Smart.

Throat was on fire. Head was on fire. But I had to take my Brissie friend for lunch and drop her off at the train station so she could catch a ride to the airport to catch her plane back to the sunny state. I went home and slept.

All I had was neurofen. Helped a bit but that was it.
Washed clothes. Made porridge. Burnt the bottom and ate the top.

Bathed. Then, I slept and slept.

Throat was in pain. Head was pounding. Back was aching. Miserable. Alone to fend for myself. Slept some more. Slept and slept and slept. Or at least I tried to. In the heat. Showered and back to bed.

Went to work. Was asked to go home. Not sure out of concern for my health or other fellow worker's future health. Lols. Prolly both. My cough was insanely phlegmy. All stuck in my throat stubbornly refusing to dislodge.

Drove home. On the way, stopped by the pharmacy and got some cold & flu meds along with cough syrup. Had the expected dosage and slept. Felt so much better. Weather was cooler despite previous weather forecast.

Slept and slept like a Snow White & Cinderella. Only, my dry throat, incessant drinking of water and the need to go to the loo woke me up. Not my Prince Charming, unfortunately. Then again, wouldn't want to spread my germs to him.

Woke up. Had my meds. Went back to bed.
Noon time. Woke up. Had biscuit and tea. Then, my meds. Shower and back to bed.
Watched My Kitchen Rules. Had my meds then sleep and sleep.


Woke up. Had my meds. Went back to bed.
Noon time. Woke up. Had biscuit and tea. Then, my meds. Shower and back to bed.

Watched My Kitchen Rules. Had my meds then slept and slept.
Pretty tedious right?

Woke up. Showered. Had some food, meds.
Did some work and emailed it off to my Director. Surf the net a bit.

And now, here I am, wondering what to do? What to eat? Where to go.

Brain says I shouldn't go out and infect other people. Overdue library books says otherwise. Sick of water, honey and bland food. Not that I can taste much with all this mucus clogging up my senses. Hmmm... and no one to call to hang out. Sad eh.

Guess library it is then home.