Monday, March 18, 2013

Zam Zam : Best Roti in Melbourne !!

How is it that no one has recommended me this eatery ever??! I've not read a single blog review and neither is it popping all over Urbanspoon but its roti and curry is waaaay more delicious than Rich Maha and India Delights and definitely Mamak! ;p 

And if you've been following my blog, you would know that I've raved a few times about those two Indian makan (eating) places.

It so happened that I stumbled upon this humble eatery before Mariah Carey's concert early January.

Wanted to have an early dinner at Mamak (newly opened Malaysian eatery in Melbourne. Sydney branch is the original shop) on Lonsdale Street only to find it close. We saw Zam Zam's next door and decided to give it a go.

Since then, whenever we are in the city and crave for roti or Indian mamak food, we'll head here. Sadly, not many people patronise this place. Mamak has a queue but the true mamak next door is barely half filled.

In Malaysia, mamak is a colloquial term referring to Tamil Muslims and mamak stalls are usually run by them.  Traditionally, mamak stalls used to be roadside stalls. These days, the modern mamak operators have moved their business into restaurant or kopitiam (cafe) sort of concept.

It is where the young people tend to hang out at night after a game of soccer/futsal or to watch a game of soccer on big screens set up or after a late night movie or basically, to chill and hang out with friends. Some even hang out at mamaks after clubbing sessions to unwind and get the alcohol out their system before heading home.

Food at mamak shops are relatively cheap and affordable. And it's usually opened all year round and some are even open 24/7!! I kid you not! :) But this is in Malaysia not Australia.

Anyways, if you are ever around Melbourne CBD, make sure you head over to Zam Zam on Lonsdale and support them!! Once you try their roti, I am sure you will be back for more!

For your information, I don't get any free roti for fondly shouting from my blog, raving about this awesome place. Although, I think I should. *hehe*

They really need to spent a bit on interior and shop concept to draw the crowd in. If not, get people raving about this spot... then again, if this place becomes popular, I'll have to queue up which isn't something I like to do. Lols. 

I reckon they should revamp the interior to have a more classic Malaysian 'mamak' feel

Looks like they adapted the previous tenant's interior without adding much mamak feel

Perhaps remove this portion and do open out doors ; outdoors for the smokers

Maybe do a Lorong Seratus Tahun kind of shop concept

Delish roti telur!! sort of like flaky bread with egg

BEST maggie goreng (fried Maggie noodles) I've had so far in Melbourne!!!
Zam Zam Indian Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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