Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I love yoo! at Mid Valley

Last week, my tummy was grumbling of hunger as I walked past I Love Yoo! in Mid Valley with my mother. I remembered this place was first introduced by MelC, an ex-colleague years ago.

I'd always thought that people had Yao Char Kuai (the fried dough like food in the above picture) when they have Bak Kut Teh (Herbal Spice Soup with pork) or with Kopi O just like how my mother have hers.

So, imagine to my surprise when this was served WITH Soya Bean! I did love it and have gone back a couple of times. It can be pretty filling despite the small serving. However, I find the pricing a bit hefty for such simple indulgence.

Much to my mother's skepticism, the Kopi O turned out well and according to her high standards. Basically, Kopi O is just black coffee without milk.

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Monday, December 5, 2011

Cinta Ria at Damansara Jaya

During the first week I reached back Malaysia, Daddy O brought my mother and I to this shop in Damansara Jaya. It is next to the famous Claypot Chicken Rice shop (if I am not mistaken) and few shops away from Dominoes!

My dad really liked the Fish Fillet meal and this is high praise indeed as he has been really particular and fussy about his food in the past year due to his health. Yeah... he shouldn't really be eating fried food but oh well, a man has got to eat what he wants to eat and there's no stopping a man and his stomach, especially Daddy O.

I had the Roast Chicken meal which my dad stole a few mouthfuls. He liked the gravy and cited that it's just right and not too salty! For once, I like the coleslaw. These days, you get all sorts of funky tasting coleslaws that are served warm. YUCK! I like my coleslaw cold thankyouverymuch! The mash potato was simple but tasty and it goes well with the gravy.

The Mothership had the Grilled Chicken meal. The sauce was pretty much the same as the Roast Chicken's but somehow, I liked my mother's one better. The plate included salad and mashed potatoes like mine. Pasta was a nice addition!

See how happy The Mothership looks! LOLs.

If you're ever in the vicinity, give Cinta Ria a go. The food is reasonably priced. It is not the best Western food I have had but I was pretty happy with my meal that I am willing to go back again to try a different meal. Main meals cost between RM10 -RM20 and if you pop by during tea time, tea and coffee is only 99cents!

Ambiance wise, it was cooling and well ventilated. We were there for dinner about 7pm and the place was almost full house! And nope, I am not paid to write this review. It is just my honest feedback just like all other posts unless otherwise stated. :)

It has also been reviewed by The Ruthless Eater and the Malaysia Most Wanted Food site.

Cinta Ria
78, Jalan SS22/25, Damansara Jaya
03 - 7726 8981

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Mean Daddy O


I hear someone knocking outside my door. I know who it is but I refuse to open the door. Five minutes later, I hear someone pounding on the door again. I know it's not my mother or sister. They don't knock this way.

*beep beep*


8.38pm, 4Dec
Open the door.

8.38pm, 4Dec
Don't want. Later you beat me and kick me.

8.39pm, 4Dec
Don't tell lie.

8.41pm, 4Dec
You promise not to beat and kick me... I'll open the door for you.

8.43pm, 4Dec
10pm, Now good korean show.


Disclaimer : I wasn't beaten up especially not in any abusive manner, in case you were already on speed dial to the police. It's just his way of playing. He thinks it's funny and amusing. We don't.

But his last text was.

Unfaithful me

I am so sorry.
So very sorry for my faithlessness, my infidelities.
Instead of being faithful to You and staying true,
I have wandered of the path of righteousness, once again.

It is so much more easier to read a novel for 3 hours,
Watch series upon series like an addiction.
Spend hours to days to weeks surfing the net,
and yet not make any time for You.

You, who have blessed me so much.
You, who have given me abundantly.
You, who held my hand all those times.
Carrying me when I was weak,
when I was down
but just never knew then.

Today at church,
just worshiping you and singing words of praise,
tears flow down my cheeks
as I am filled with a sense of gratitude
and I feel blessed once again.
That despite our ups and many downs,
You've blessed me with Mr. C,
amongst other things.

Forgive my roaming heart,
my lack of discipline,
for not reading your word
for not talking with you often
and for not being diligent in my walk with you.

As we approach the end of a good year,
and as we usher in a new and (hopefully) better year,
I pray that I will be more faithful,
more diligent, more trusting,
of You and Your word.

So, that I can walk my talk
and be a living, breathing testimony
for you.
That people will see You
Your works, Your miracles, Your truth,
as I live my life.
Not by my words alone,
but through my thoughts and actions.

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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Food, glorious food!

Char Koay Teow
At SS2's Wah Sek Kai that is pretty much well known for their stalls of delicious food.
We went to the side nearer to McDonald. YUM!

Mee Jawa
Also at SS2's Wah Sek Kai.
Pretty delicious and I don't usually fancy starchy, sweet like gravy.
I liked the prawn crackers that were tasty and still slightly crisp despite sitting in the pool of gravy.

My first time at Tony Roma's in Mid Valley.
Their famous beef burger.
Portion is HUGE!!
Chips were tasty and filling. Burger patty was just oozing with juice and bursts of flavours.
The sauce was just an added bonus.

Koay Teow Tong
At a corner shop in Sea Park behind the Guardian row of shops.
Just average and nothing much to shout about.

Wan Tan Mee
My regular favourite at Restoran Gembira in Taman Megah.
I definitely feel more happy after my fix!! ;p

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Friday, December 2, 2011

Daddy O amusement

Sometimes the things my mum and dad say can be pretty funny and humourous but somehow, when I put it into words, the humour seems to fall flat. Oh well, but I gather it's better to write them out than not at all.

So, when they drive me crazy with their eccentricities and antics, I'll remind myself about their funny side.


Just received a call from a Head Hunter asking my interest in a regional Internal Audit position and told my dad about it.

Daddy O : See, get a job here. You don't have to look for a job, it comes looking for you.

Me : Er... Perhaps the fact that I have a husband based in Melbourne?! Doubt he'll want to be parted with his wife.

Daddy O : But you'll be closer to daddy here.

Me : LOL and Awww....

I sense my dad looking at me as I go about my own things on the laptop in the family TV room.

Daddy O : I shouldn't have let you go in the first place.

Me : o_O" A bit late la, dad.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Daddy O in Malaysian English

Scene 1a
Out in Taman Megah after Bak Kut Teh (not my cup of tea) dinner in Taman Mayang.

As we drove past the fruit seller near Fatty Crab.
Daddy O : OI!!!!

Scene 1b
As we walked back to the car after buying his wholemeal bread from Cake Sense, dad bumped into his friend and was chatting away cheerily.

Us in the car.
Me : Wah... talk to your friend, so friendly and happy with a smile on your face. But when I talk to you, you give me your fierce, sour face. So double standard.

Daddy O : Of course lah... Haven't seen a friend for so long and when bumped into him, definitely have to put on a smile even though I am in pain (my dad's been having frozen shoulder for several months now and the pain can be rather unbearable most times rendering him surly but even then... ).

Scene 1c
Us in the car passing by Fatty Crab and the fruit seller, headed home.

Daddy O : OI!! HUJAN!! BALIK OHHH....

Me : OMG.

Scene 2
Dad is sitting in the lounge room upstairs reading news on the net.

As I turned on the hairdryer in the bathroom (next to the lounge room) to dry my hair.
Daddy O : AIYAH!! The noise. You ar, give me headache only...

Me : I need to dry my hair. You shouldn't let the smallest things annoy you lah, dad.

And I closed the bathroom door to muffle the sound. LOL.

Scene 3
In my brother's room where I currently reside.

Daddy O : Don't go out. It's raining heavily. What are you doing? Always going out when I am home.

Me : Cannot lar... Already cancelled on my friend yesterday. Plus, you didn't say that you'll be around. If I had known earlier, I wouldn't have make plans ma...

Scene 3a
As I pull off the pore pack stuck on my forehead, nose and chin.

Daddy O : Yer... see how dirty... all the dirt.

Me : At least, I am pulling the dirt out unlike yours still stuck in your face. ;p

Daddy O : Give me one mask. I also want to put on my face.

Me : o_O"

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Define early

Me : Mummy, what time did u sleep last nite?

The Mothership : Early.

Me : What time is early?

The Mothership : 2am

Me : o_O'

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happy 1st year Anniversary!!

Dear Mr. C,
Happy 1st year Anniversary!!
1 year married,
11th year together.

11 years through ups and downs,
We've been to hell and back.
Many a times have we fought and frown,
But seriously, what the heck!

1 year since the signing of our forevers
to each other.
It's been a really good year.
Yet another year of us, together.

As December comes,
and we pledge our love anew.
In front of friends and family,
I just want to say, 'I DO'.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Oh my blues!

On my first week back, I visited the florist to discuss the flower arrangements for my wedding. Lily from My Bridal Florist and I, with my mother had a delightful chat. She had some good suggestions and seeing how my mum was rather against my dark blue choice for the wedding, I opted for tiffany blue aka turquoise as per Lily, the florist's suggestion.

Although the colour has been changed to turquoise blue, my bridesmaids will still wear cobalt blue. It wouldn't be fair to ask those who have bought their dresses to go looking for new ones.

My bridal bouquet will be white roses with peonies and baby pink eustomas wrapped in turquoise ribbons. My bridesmaids will have turquoise themed corsages (which is still matching with cobalt blue) and so will the groomsmen's boutonnières. The bridal car which is my mum's grey ish blue Alza (for practicality and cost saving reasons) will also be decorated in said blue.

Am really interested to see the outcome of our discussion. Hope all will be as pretty as I picture it in my head.

And because of that, I had to go to the tailor and change the cobalt, royal blue sash to a turquoise one. It does look rather fetching. However, I reckon all colours match white easily.

Regarding my wedding dress, my mum and I decided to do away with the two white flowers on the sash and also the bow at the back. It is always the smallest details that makes a difference. Sometimes, the difference can be so subtle but you somehow notice it.

The two white flowers do look alright in pictures but in real life, if you look closely, you can see the edges fraying. Besides, it does look classier without. As for the bow, if I wore my veil, it would cover the bow, hence, pointless to have it there and have too many things going on at the back.

Next up was hunting for the ties to be worn by the Heng Dais (brothers) aka groomsmen. It is no easy feat finding ties in turquoise blue. Thank God I didn't have to find them in the initial cobalt blue. That is an even more impossible mission. LOL. Unless I scour every mall and every single shop that sells ties. Then again, the budget might be a problem.

I really like the ties in the above two pictures. Taken at Renoma section in 1utama's Jusco. They've revamped the place and I couldn't find the area that used to have racks of ties that cost less than RM20! Perhaps they're trying to 'up' the departmental store's image and pricing.

Miss Bubbly informed me of the Jusco Member sale the next day and I proceeded back to Jusco with her Jusco card on the second day of sale. Saw the above cutesie grey tie with baby blue polka dot selling for RM19.90. Material felt good and thick as opposed to the one below.
The navy blue tie was the reason I went to Jusco to have a look. It was priced at RM9.90. It would have been alright if the blue was lighter or brighter. I didn't think it will look good on the groomsmen if they wore white shirts. It would have looked just too plain.

So back to square one. Still have yet to find any ties for the groomsmen. Miss Bubbly mentioned that she saw the above and below two ties at Metrojaya in the Curve. Shall have a look tomorrow when I am in that area. The higher priced tie was at RM25.90. Should be pretty agreeable with the lads. After all, the ladies are buying their own dresses and not a single one complained at all!

I wished I had the dough to buy my bridesmaids beautiful gowns to adorn for my day and nice suits for the groomsmen. Oh well, so much for fanciful notions. It's back to mother earth.

Besides tie hunting, I've been utilising many a brain cells in regards to the wedding favours. My wedding venue does provide wedding gifts but it is a cheapskate version of Ferraro Rochere in Kopiko like wrapping! Someone commented that people don't really remember door gifts or wedding favours and it shouldn't really matter.

Well, it does matter to me. Of course, I wouldn't want to spend on candles or scented flowers or chopsticks or beautiful coasters as people won't appreciate nor use them. And neither do I want to spend time and effort making something people are just going to throw away after the wedding.

So, I've decided to make either Sugi cake or Chocolate Chip Cookies. The thing is, I need to decide which one to make. My sister said if I were to make cookies, I'd have to wrap them the night before the wedding to ensure it stays crisp. Despite knowing that I will have friends to help with the wrapping, I don't really want to be stressing out about it the night before the wedding when I am sure there will be other last minute details to look into.

Brain is still thinking... Cake vs Cookies. Cake vs Cookies. Cake vs Cookies.

And whilst battling in the mind over which to make, I went to Sea Park to source for the wrapping materials. The glossy paper and ribbons. Came upon turquoise blue wire and am thinking it'll be easier to tie up the wrapping paper. However, I think ribbons will look so much more better.

So, now, it's Cake vs Cookies... Ribbons or Wire. OhMyGosh!! How does brides-to-be do this??! It's just insane. LOL.

For the second week of my being back, I've actually been rather slack and taking it easy. Three more weeks and time to buck up and getting things sorted out and finalised. Photobook to settle, unity candle to get, cake/cookie ingredients plus wrapping materials to purchase, songs to choose, reception table spread and decorations to source for and the guest list plus table arrangements.

Time to tick off some of these matters. Or even just one of them!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mothership and a sweet blind bat

Went to the hairstylist with my mother and sister yesterday. LOL. Everyone's hair seriously needed some perk-me-up! After conversion to AUD, the pricing seemed alright. But in RM, it burnt quite a big hole in my pocket!

Mummy had her hair permed whilst I had my whole head redyed with treatment done. My sister, on the other hand had a trim and treatment carried out on her scalp as she tends to have pretty oily hair due to her scalp condition.

I wouldn't have bothered dying my hair if not for the upcoming special day. My streaks were fading and the regrowth was showing. The colour recommended turned out pretty nicely much to my delight!
As for mummy, she had quite a fair bit of white hair showing at the top of her head. I later on dyed her hair with a DIY box but now, her hair closest to the roots are rather purpley copper due to the dye colour showing more on her then, white hair.
It was our first girly time out together doing something feminine. LOL. We're not much of those gushy giggly girly girls. Sometimes, I wished they were a little bit more.
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Saturday, November 19, 2011

A bubble tea addict

Since coming home, it is safe to say that I had at least 5 cups of bubble tea! And I am supposed to be losing weight for the wedding! LOL. Well, at least, not gaining any weight! But how to say 'No' to bubble tea?

They're so addictive... well, to me they are.

The Cha Time in Melbourne CBD was a real let down. It isn't the same as the ones here in Malaysia. So far, I've only been to the branch at Uptown and the other one in SS2 Mall and for both, quality and standards are there. I like how the tea taste is strong and the pearls are just the right chewable texture with the right amount of sweetness.

I've had many bubble teas and sometimes, on bad days, the pearls are hard and other days, they're just plain hard and no fun to chew.

However, since having my first bubble tea in Cha Time, I am addicted. And still am. Just last week, I had it on Sunday night, Monday afternoon, Tuesday night and even Thursday night and also on Saturday!

Seriously, they should give people like me some rebates or points like the EasyWay in Australia. Evertime you buy a drink, you swipe your loyalty card. Every 10 drinks, you get a free one. Oooh, I think Cha Time has such offer. Instead of gaining points electronically, they stamp on a hard copy card. But seeing how I won't be here permanently, I let my friend gain the stamps.

I know I shouldn't but I can't help but wonder when to get my next cup of Pearl Milk Tea....

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Friday, November 18, 2011

I miss you

Once again, Mr. C and I parted ways. I flew back to Malaysia on Sunday, Melbourne time 3.40am via Emirates. Flight was delayed and we finally took off at 4.20am. Gosh! Flying at this time is crazy. By 2am and waiting to board, I kept wondering when I could board the freaking plane and get my sleep!
Mr. C and I don't do long distance well. Every time we're apart, we argue. Often times, conversations turn ugly leaving both of us frustrated and disgruntled. Prior to this trip, we had a talk on how we can try to avoid the repeat of the past.

Hopefully this time, things will be different. ;p I like how we are learning to overcome our distance. If we could do LDR for 4 years, what is a mere 4 weeks, right?

Despite seeing and being with Mr. C 24/7 when we're living together in Melbourne, I never get bored of his company. And somehow, we don't tire of each other. In fact, his cute antics grow on me (most times). I love watching him as he sleeps. His peaceful and boyish looks just tugs at my heart. Being here and with him there, I am counting down the days till we meet again.
And finally, we'll be walking down the aisle and pledging our forever to each other in front of family and friends. I really hope all goes well and it will be a truly beautiful and special day not just for us but for everyone else.
See you in 21 days time!!
Till then... XOXO!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Nuffnang : Animal People

I love to read. From an early age, I'd read Enid Blyton's book one after another and eventually, I graduated to the Nancy Drew, the Jupiter Jones series and Sweet Valley High followed by Harlequin romances, John Grisham and what not.

In Melbourne, you'll see me going in the library and coming out with 20 over books much to Mr. C's fascination. He truly does find it interesting that I can actually finish reading a 300 - 500 pages book a day. If it is a page turner, you'll see me dying to finish the novel and in three hours or less, I'd be flipping to the last page. However, some books, each line can be a real drag and it feels like it will take forever just to reach the end of the book!

When Nuffnang Australia was giving an opportunity to read and review a book, I jump to the opportunity. And to my delight, I was one of the few bloggers who were given the privilege to do a Product Talk post courtesy of Nuffnang Australia.

This isn't exactly my typical kind of book to read which is good. Of late, I find myself looking for a change in my reading materials. Reading romance novels doesn't do much for my dwindling intellect.
To be honest, it took me awhile to get into the rhythm of Animal People by Charlotte Wood.
I read a couple of pages whilst I was in the midst busy packing for my trip back to Malaysia. The beginning was a bit slow for me, at first. But as you read on, you feel compelled to keep reading to see how it all ends.
This book tells the story of Stephen's ordinary journey in life on an ordinary day and how he intends to call it quits with his girlfriend. With that decision in hand, we are shown how miserable Stephen is with his life, which many of us can relate to, such as his poor relationship with his family and unfulfilled job satisfaction. If his life wasn't dismissal enough, his day goes from bad to worse.
As to how all this relates to the book title, 'Animal People', I shall leave it to you to grab a copy of the book to discover it for yourself. No one likes a spoiler. ;p
And for one lucky reader, here is a chance to win yourself a free copy of Charlotte Wood's Animal People courtesy of Nuffnang Australia. All you have to do is follow my blog and leave a comment telling me if you are an animal person and why you are. And if you are not, tell me why not.
It is that simple. So, what are you waiting for??!
Entries will close on 24th November 2011, 11pm Malaysian Time. This competition is open to residents in Australia and Malaysia only. Winners will be announced on this blog. Do make sure you leave an email I can contact you with in the event you win. :)
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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Leaving home for home

#1 On Emirates flying from Melbourne (now my home) back to Malaysia (where I used to call home where Mr. C forbids me from referring to as home anymore as Melbourne should be my home where he is at ;p )

#2 I have been sitting on AirAsia for the many times to and fro Australia and Malaysia that I felt totally 'pampered' on this trip back on Emirates especially when I saw the pillow and blanket! First thing I do is to scan the movie list. It was 4am in the morning and despite knowing how important sleep is as I would be having a really busy day once touched down, it did not deter me one bit from watching a movie.

#3 Although the pillow, blanket and movie list made me a happy camper, the food reminded me once again to the old, 'yer, airplane food sucks!' line. Basically, AirAsia's meal is waaaay tastier IMHO. What was good is that, at least you get water and juice and tea and coffee!
#4 Welcome back to Malaysia!! First thing that greeted me at KLIA was the icky toilet! Was rather surprised that the toilet at the International Airport was poorly maintained. Not only was the toilet dirty, it stank of dried urine!

#5 First Monday back, we had a Meal at home together. We had Roasted chicken bought from Carrefour at Tropicana City Mall with tomatoes and blanched brocolli with egg and bacon.

#6 Everytime I am back, I definitely have my Tom Yam Fried Rice fix at Taman Mayang. The Aunty still remembers that I will add a 'hor bao tan' (fried egg) and more Tom Yam paste (though most people would think the added Tom Yam flavour is too salty for them). :) I must say, it is nice to be remembered despite not being around for awhile. Can't say much about people who are supposedly closer to me but seem to forget my existence when I am not around. Oh well. Life.

#7 Went to Mid Valley with my mother and we had 'Yao Char Guai' with Soya Bean at I Love Yoo!. My mother was really happy with the black kopi which is rather unusual as she has super high standards.

#8 NEVER GO TO JOJO's for pan mee!! I went to the SS2 branch with my parents and the food was really bad (no offense meant). After consuming the noodles, I felt nauseous and unwell. In fact, I didn't even finish it! The mince pork was really sweet with the noodles just tasting alright.

The chilli wasn't anything to shout about leading to my question, "WHY ARE PEOPLE STILL GOING THERE?". Unless they have other better food which I doubt it. A few friends have even commented that the food is really bad at all branches as I thought perhaps it was only the SS2 branch that had bad food, leaving me and my tummy with an unfavourable experience.

Up to date, I've yet to satiate my Chilli Pan Mee cravings! Face-to-face, HERE I COME!!
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