Sunday, December 4, 2011

Unfaithful me

I am so sorry.
So very sorry for my faithlessness, my infidelities.
Instead of being faithful to You and staying true,
I have wandered of the path of righteousness, once again.

It is so much more easier to read a novel for 3 hours,
Watch series upon series like an addiction.
Spend hours to days to weeks surfing the net,
and yet not make any time for You.

You, who have blessed me so much.
You, who have given me abundantly.
You, who held my hand all those times.
Carrying me when I was weak,
when I was down
but just never knew then.

Today at church,
just worshiping you and singing words of praise,
tears flow down my cheeks
as I am filled with a sense of gratitude
and I feel blessed once again.
That despite our ups and many downs,
You've blessed me with Mr. C,
amongst other things.

Forgive my roaming heart,
my lack of discipline,
for not reading your word
for not talking with you often
and for not being diligent in my walk with you.

As we approach the end of a good year,
and as we usher in a new and (hopefully) better year,
I pray that I will be more faithful,
more diligent, more trusting,
of You and Your word.

So, that I can walk my talk
and be a living, breathing testimony
for you.
That people will see You
Your works, Your miracles, Your truth,
as I live my life.
Not by my words alone,
but through my thoughts and actions.

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