Thursday, December 1, 2011

Daddy O in Malaysian English

Scene 1a
Out in Taman Megah after Bak Kut Teh (not my cup of tea) dinner in Taman Mayang.

As we drove past the fruit seller near Fatty Crab.
Daddy O : OI!!!!

Scene 1b
As we walked back to the car after buying his wholemeal bread from Cake Sense, dad bumped into his friend and was chatting away cheerily.

Us in the car.
Me : Wah... talk to your friend, so friendly and happy with a smile on your face. But when I talk to you, you give me your fierce, sour face. So double standard.

Daddy O : Of course lah... Haven't seen a friend for so long and when bumped into him, definitely have to put on a smile even though I am in pain (my dad's been having frozen shoulder for several months now and the pain can be rather unbearable most times rendering him surly but even then... ).

Scene 1c
Us in the car passing by Fatty Crab and the fruit seller, headed home.

Daddy O : OI!! HUJAN!! BALIK OHHH....

Me : OMG.

Scene 2
Dad is sitting in the lounge room upstairs reading news on the net.

As I turned on the hairdryer in the bathroom (next to the lounge room) to dry my hair.
Daddy O : AIYAH!! The noise. You ar, give me headache only...

Me : I need to dry my hair. You shouldn't let the smallest things annoy you lah, dad.

And I closed the bathroom door to muffle the sound. LOL.

Scene 3
In my brother's room where I currently reside.

Daddy O : Don't go out. It's raining heavily. What are you doing? Always going out when I am home.

Me : Cannot lar... Already cancelled on my friend yesterday. Plus, you didn't say that you'll be around. If I had known earlier, I wouldn't have make plans ma...

Scene 3a
As I pull off the pore pack stuck on my forehead, nose and chin.

Daddy O : Yer... see how dirty... all the dirt.

Me : At least, I am pulling the dirt out unlike yours still stuck in your face. ;p

Daddy O : Give me one mask. I also want to put on my face.

Me : o_O"


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