Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Moving forward

Every time I fall, I try to pick myself up. I tell myself, it's ok. What's done is done. No point crying over spilt milk. Every day is a brand new day. A clean slate. A fresh start. Let the negativity go and may the positivity flow in. Thinking happy thoughts isn't easy especially to one that is pessimistic by nature.

Think about it... who ever wants to be sad and miserable?

Who likes to think of only the bad stuff that snuff out the sunshine in our lives? 

That's just it. NOBODY.

So, the next time you have a friend or family that's down and upset, don't go saying "chill la..." "relax.." "don't be so sad" "don't be negative". Often times, people just need a few words of encouragement. A hug. A shoulder to cry on. A listening ear.

Not a criticising, best-of-intentions-ill-advised, holier-than-thou friend.

When we're down, it's easy to let the hurt, disappointment and pain gnaw at our insides. Because at that point, we're at our lowest. Our most susceptible and vulnerable moment. However, that's just part and parcel of life. 

We will go through all sorts of trials and tribulations throughout our life. When we're kids, we have exams to contend our little minds with. In Uni, it's all about assignments, exams and the usual peer pressure coupled with boy girl relationship issues. As we enter the working world, it's all about deadlines and if you are unfortunate, crazy bosses.

But despite it all, what doesn't kill you really does make you stronger. And a positive attitude / mindset will really help one to go a looooong way. You only live once means live life to the fullest not do stupid things that you will regret forever. Never take anyone or anything forgranted. Let bygones be bygones. No one is perfect and to err is human. Forgive others even if they don't deserve it. Love your neighbours as you love yourself and do unto others as you want others to do unto you.

Never give up. If you have goals and dreams, pursue to them to the very end. What you sow, you will reap. Life is all about experiences and learning and growing. God never gives us more than we can deal with even when we think we are stretched too far, we still can cope.

Somehow, with Him, it's possible. Moving forward is possible. Being happy and free is possible. :)

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Friday, May 24, 2013

TGIF and fat me

One thing to be glad of the whole week- it's Friday. The weekend officially begins!

I have been blue the whole week signalling that annoys-me-to-no-end time of the month. I hate it when I am blue for no particular reason. Doesn't make sense but it makes me blue about everything else; life, work, friends (or lack of) or lack of communication from them etc.

Fret not. I'll be fine by mid next week. Hopefully.

But with this moody broody feelings, I always feel bloated, fat and ugly.

What's new, right? Reckon it comes with the territory.

It's one thing to feel fat and to know that I've packed on a few kilograms, it's a totally different level when my blur-about-these-kind-of-things hubby asks me if I've put on a little bit of weight as he inspects my thigh.

He's lucky I didn't punch him there and then. I would have had the perfect alibi anyway... crazy hormones. ;p

Oh well, time to cut down on my sugar, again and start three times a week exercise. To start, I shall be trying out Zumba on Wednesday with two colleagues. This should be interesting. Hope it turns out to be a long term endeavour in my bid to shed some weight.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Oscar de la Renta

After swooning over Elie Saab (whom I always thought was a lady designer because of the name)'s gown, I proceeded to drool over Oscar's.

Oscar de la Renta is yet another fashion designer well known for his beautiful creations. I am not a fashion expert and neither am I super into fashion but pretty dresses, that I know how to admire.

Oscar is no young man at 81 years old. A Domincan, one of the few couturiers to have had the privileged to dress Jackie O, wife of the famed 35th American President, John F. Kennedy. In current times, he designs gorgeous gowns worn by celebrities on the red carpet and of course, anyone who can afford his elegant, high fashioned gowns.

Now, why can't awesome dresses like the below be more affordable to the general population? More like, people like me?

Imagine me waltzing to office in the many gorgeous gowns below. Hilarious. Ok. Imagine waltzing down one's wedding banquet in such gowns... definitely have everyone gushing about the dress.

Of course, having the right figure makes a difference, too. Dang it!


love the colour!!

can hardly go wrong with black that oozes with class and elegance

Used to be a silver fan over gold but now, gold's my colour

Simple and yet, beautiful. Imagine black and cream or black and red...
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Monday, May 13, 2013

Gorgeous Elie Saab dresses

I was on Pintrest last night. For those who are living under the rock and have no idea what Pintrest is about, shame on you. Ok. I kid. Pintrest is a content sharing service that allows members to pin images on their pinboard. There are hoards of awesome pictures on fashion, hairstyles, crafts, wedding related, DIY and so on.

So, last evening saw me clicking picture after picture pinning them onto my board. Not sure about you but when I start, it takes me a loooong while before I successfully tear myself away from Pintrest to do something more concrete. Errr.. like watch series. *hehe*

Seem to lose my mojo for doing craft stuff anyways.

Back to Pintrest. As I was engrossed 'pin'ing pictures, I came across bevy of ladies decked out in breathtaking dresses. Well, my breath was taken. Not sure if yours will be.

Immediately, I knew it was by Elie Saab, the Lebanese fashion designer. I've always had a thing for his dreamy collection from last year and 2011. His 2013 collection seems more 'modern' and edgy, not exactly my style.

He had an impressive start in career launching his Beirut based fashion label at a mere age of 18 with a team of 15 people under him. Wow. You can read more about him here. And gosh, my jaw just dropped looking at the sale price of his dresses, shoes and what not here.

Well, since I can't afford his dresses, I can only swoon and dream of his gorgeous dresses. Really talented man. Love the whimsical feel of his designs with glimmering crystal beads. Princessy royalty look.

Ooooh.. to be able to own such marvelous and beautiful creation. 


And yup, I pinned them all on my Pintrest board. :)
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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sue in Melbourne


So, I've been on a hiatus... yet again. Seem to lose my oomph to blog. Can't wrap my head around that, too. There was a time where I was constantly blogging. Almost every single day. Waitaminute. It was every single day and sometimes, more than one posts a day!

Anyways, half a Sue came for a visit. She arrived last Tuesday and have gone back to the Motherland (Malaysia, not China).

I took the day off work, left my house about half past 7 in the morning for Tullamarine airport and encountered the below jam into Monash Freeway. Gosh. That was pretty much the case till half way through the journey.

Got a break for a bit and as I neared city, the jam picked up again. She should be SO grateful to me for my kindness. Lols.

Bleh. Here I thought, I left the insane jam back in Malaysia. The jam wasn't as bad though. At least, cars were still moving.

After what seemed like a forever ride to the airport, I finally arrived, picked up Miss Karate ('cos she always karate chop me and me alone which this trip of hers reminded me whenever she smacks me) and headed to the city to meet Josh, a fellow high school mate for brekkie (Aussie slang for breakfast).

Mr. C gave me clear and simple instructions the night before on how to make my way to the parking at Crown Casino 'cos it's free with his member card. However, the not-too-intelligent-me mucked it up, missed a turn and ended up at Docklands turning here and there and somehow, made my way back to Kings Way towards Crown Casino and designated parking. Awesome me!

It was a day of welcoming Sue to Melbourne and what better way than to show her Melbourne CBD.

We parked, walked out to South Bank (a verrry long walk from the car park) facing the Yarra River and walked towards CBD. Sue aka Miss Karate was the ever avid tourist snapping pictures after pictures. What makes it so unusually is that she usually doesn't take photos at all! 

In fact, she usually tells me and the other SueN back home off whenever we whip out our cameras to snap our food, picture after picture and from all angles. So for me to see her taking photos.. it was a rare sight. 

Am extremely rare sighting indeed. It's like seeing a wild kangaroo or a wild koala bear jumping and roaming free around Melbourne CBD.

~ SOUTHBANK (facing the Yarra River) ~

The building in blue and white on the opposite side is the Melbourne Aquarium

She became SUPER excited spotting PWC 
(only those of us in the Big Four get excited seeing one of the Big Fours.. that's how square and senile we are! Lols)


First time served mocha this way; a coffee shot in my mug and frothy chococlate served separate

We finally made it to Hardware Societe after our forever walk (with her stopping to snap photos in between). Nice of Josh to patiently wait for us straight after his graveyard shift. 

This is one cafe that has been on my 'to eat' places for the longest time. Since 2011, I reckon. It was trending on Urbanspoon and it still is. I've come by twice on two Saturdays only to be put off by the crowd and headed elsewhere.

Baked eggs with chorizo

Deco was quaint but not your usual warehouse converted cafes. I had the Baked Eggs and mocha only to be disappointed. It wasn't as amazing as the reviews on Urbanspoon had led me to believe. 

My expectations were high and unfortunately, not met. Could be a personal preference 'cos I didn't fancy the nuts on my baked eggs.

Besides that, menu was limited on weekdays. Apparently their specials are only offered during the weekends. But HELLO! It's so frigging hard to get a spot then and because of this lackluster experience, I am not so keen to come back again. Especially when there are SO many other cafes teeming around Melbourne city, itself.

After breakkie and a nice catch up session with Josh, Sue and I walked towards Queen Vic Market (aka Queen Vic or Vic Market). Along the way, we found an amazing shop, Borek Bakehouse that sells deliciously fresh and beautiful tasting gozleme and borek! 

Slurp Slurp.

Silly Sue was cute. She initially exclaimed that the portion was small. I told her, just you wait, it looks small but because it's made of dough and cheese filling, it'll fill you up in no time. True enough, halfway through and she was already feeling that she's had enough.

Sue with her borek that she super duper loves


Famous doughnut van in Queen Victoria Market

See... she's taking photos again.. WHOA.. *faint* 

The part where they sell boreks, bratwurst, coffee etc

I reckon Queen Victoria Market isn't as amazing a place to visit as it used to be. It's riddled with man Asian (especially China Chinese) sellers and no offense meant but the things they sell are usually imitations, tacky looking clothes or tacky looking cheapo stuff.

And I find this downright saddening. Where are the Aussie sellers? Where is the Aussie culture? People, especially tourists come to this landmark to see just that, uniqueness. Uniqueness that's extinct. It just feels like another cheapo Pasar Malam (night market) back home in Malaysia.

Even Paddy's market (similarly filled with China Chinese vendors) in Sydney has better feel.

I would recommend people to visit Queen Vic Market side where they sell food. But for a more authentic Aussie feel, to head to South Melbourne Market. You can even do oyster shots there. Lols.

Next up, we walked along Swanston Street and brought her to another landmark, Melbourne Central. And headed across the road to the State Library. Ended our Melbourne CBD trip with hot chocolate with waffle balls and a chocolate soufflé at Max Brenner's in QV.

Snapping pictures of the dome

State Library

Chocolate souffle
And finally, we left the city and made a detour. I brought the crazy lady to Coffee Company in a suburb called Balaclava to purchase her beautiful aroma Irish coffee. This coffee place is reputed to sell beautiful coffee beans.
I wished we had more time so I could've brought her to St. Kilda for a walk or a cafe around Balaclava but alas, time did not permit.
Straight after purchasing her coffee, we dropped by Coles at Rowville on the way home. Sue is really funny. She loved grocery shopping! I don't blame her. Grocery shopping in Australia is fun especially if you are earning the money here.
We bought dips and crackers among other food and had a feast at home. So much for my plan to introduce her to the taste of crocodile and kangaroo meat. Dang!
This concludes the arrival of Sue.
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