Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Moving forward

Every time I fall, I try to pick myself up. I tell myself, it's ok. What's done is done. No point crying over spilt milk. Every day is a brand new day. A clean slate. A fresh start. Let the negativity go and may the positivity flow in. Thinking happy thoughts isn't easy especially to one that is pessimistic by nature.

Think about it... who ever wants to be sad and miserable?

Who likes to think of only the bad stuff that snuff out the sunshine in our lives? 

That's just it. NOBODY.

So, the next time you have a friend or family that's down and upset, don't go saying "chill la..." "relax.." "don't be so sad" "don't be negative". Often times, people just need a few words of encouragement. A hug. A shoulder to cry on. A listening ear.

Not a criticising, best-of-intentions-ill-advised, holier-than-thou friend.

When we're down, it's easy to let the hurt, disappointment and pain gnaw at our insides. Because at that point, we're at our lowest. Our most susceptible and vulnerable moment. However, that's just part and parcel of life. 

We will go through all sorts of trials and tribulations throughout our life. When we're kids, we have exams to contend our little minds with. In Uni, it's all about assignments, exams and the usual peer pressure coupled with boy girl relationship issues. As we enter the working world, it's all about deadlines and if you are unfortunate, crazy bosses.

But despite it all, what doesn't kill you really does make you stronger. And a positive attitude / mindset will really help one to go a looooong way. You only live once means live life to the fullest not do stupid things that you will regret forever. Never take anyone or anything forgranted. Let bygones be bygones. No one is perfect and to err is human. Forgive others even if they don't deserve it. Love your neighbours as you love yourself and do unto others as you want others to do unto you.

Never give up. If you have goals and dreams, pursue to them to the very end. What you sow, you will reap. Life is all about experiences and learning and growing. God never gives us more than we can deal with even when we think we are stretched too far, we still can cope.

Somehow, with Him, it's possible. Moving forward is possible. Being happy and free is possible. :)

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