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super famous clip ever...

WHOA... I just blogged about the wedding video clip yesterday...

Yesterday, I blogged that there was 10,224,525 views!!

and now, the wedding video clip has garnered

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

badminton woes

OMG! Gossip Girl (GG) is just soooo freaking addictive! I am at Season 1 Episode 18!! The first few episodes are really nice and happy but the ending of the season gets all twisty and sad-ish.. that's life though.


Do you know how hard it is to book a badminton court???!!!

This is how it started...

I called my church's gym/badminton court and was told that it's free on Thursdays as it's ministry day to encourage mingling with the UTAR students. But based on that, I would guess that there would be way too many people and not enough courts.

Then, I asked how about other days and was told that 8-10pm are peak hours and they were fully booked unless we wanted the 6-8pm slot. Which is a bit hard as we're all working and it'll require us to drive like a bunch of maniacs to reach our destination and even then... 6pm?? Doubt if we can even make it in time.

And so it would seem that every other courts that I inquired were also fully booked!!

OMG! Since when were people so gung ho and into badminton?? and where have I been all these years to not notice this???

But so far, my church's court is the cheapest!! RM15 per hour!!

Taman Megah's court is RM28 per hour but you have to play a minimum of two hours! Challenger's courts are RM23 per hour but no telephone booking allowed. You'll have to go to their courts to book and minimum is two hours, too! Unless, you walk in and there's a free court, you get to play for an hour.

Checked online and came to SaimatKong's blog regarding the Ara courts that is near the Pantai Seafood just around my housing area. His blog states that it's RM60 for 2 and half hours from 8.30-11pm! That's so frigging expensive!

I am ready to hand in the towel and admit defeat. So much for my enthusiasm that I'll be able to play and get some form of exercise this week. Last Thursday's badminton session was just SO fun IMHO (in my humble opinion)! Although my aunt was haggling me to "raise your racquet higher!!", "stay in the centre!!" and "don't take it if you don't think you can.." but at least it forced me to move and be more serious.

If it was just Gill, Dan and me playing, I'd probably goof the whole night. Sometimes, I think that's my way of covering my inadequacies. I just make joke of myself and make light of the situation. Oh well. That's just me.

Anyways, currently from last week's game, I owe DanSan 13 cans of 100plus. He's not very nice either by NOT giving me ANY handicaps seeing the fact that I've not played badminton in a billion years (hmm.. since my bf-courting-me days) and besides, never played it as a game seriously. PLUS, I don't exercise at all meaning I lack stamina, coordination and basic badminton skills??!!

ANNNDDD... DanSan keeps saying that I need the exercise. GEE... definitely does not help with my self esteem. HAHA. Gill, how can you let him bully me?? I though we were friends... SOBS.... HEHE. Oh well, this week, I was hoping to diminish the amount of 100plus cans owing to him. Darn it.

Guess not.

Idea for my future wedding


OMG!! You really got to check this URL out!!! My bro gave the link several minutes ago and I just had to share it!!

It's the entrance song and to this couple's wedding. DEFINITELY beats tradition!
This probably ONLY happens in the US though.

Just like the air steward rapper as blogged previously over here.

As at 29/7/2009 @ 1.04am, the wedding entrance dance clip has had

I think the beginning was really funky... but not the bride's "dance" down the aisle. Felt a little bit cheesy. Perhaps they could've mellowed/switched to a more suitable song to waltz her down to her groom.


I am inspired. Aren't you? =p

Melancholic me

It's almost the end of July and still, I am hanging in the air.
All I have are unanswered questions and even more uncertainties.

Where are you, the one who is all knowing?
The one they call Alpha and Omega.

Have you forsaken me in my time of need, my time of confusion?
Or is that your footprint that I somehow do not see?

Should I be bold, take a risk and seize the moment?
Or would that be foolhardy of me and just plain irresponsibility?

Obligations and responsibilities, be damned!
All I want to do is paint the town red!

I don't want to be a survivor. So, don't treat me as one!
All I want is to love and be loved, to care and be cared for.

To pave my future, I need to make a stand in the present.
If not, all will fade to be my past. A past with regrets.

A past with no turning back.
A past that will define who I am in the present and who I will be in the future.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Goodbye monday blues

News: I was reading this article and no offense, I think it's silly to imply that it's not natural for a mere man to have sex more than 2-3 times a day. If he does, it's most likely the devil. What the...???

and sometimes, it's really best not to know what's going on in our "great" country's news such as this. It makes ones blood boil and all for nothing.

and WHAT on earth is being done to curb crime rates?? Of course, we don't trust the goverment and the policemen as reported here! Crime rates are going up instead of down. Besides that, with increasing violence.

Ps: Apparently, there are more "police blocks" these past week and it is rumorued that ALL because RAYA is coming up soon. A policemen even asked a colleague's bf to go home and collect his wallet to pay him bribe instead of issuing a summon to him!!! We have such great policemen looking out for our welfare right when it appears they're just thieves in uniform.


I am waiting for my "guitar teacher" to quickly go home so I can have my first lesson! But it's already way past 10pm!! Bleh.

I am thinking what songs to learn... More than words... or Fool again? or any suggestions??

Anyways, whilst webcamming with my bf, the MJ fan, he intro-ed this clip and I must say pretty impressive singing.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Are you a choleric, phlegmatic, melancholic or sanguine??

NEWS: RIP Yasmin Ahmad... thanks to her... we've had bearable MALAYSIAN movies such as Sepet, Gubra and Talentime. Read flyguy's tribute to her.


I am a melancholic-choleric, probably inherited from my mother who's of the same temperament. My dad however, is a
sanguine-phlegmatic and so are my boyfriend and my sister! My brother on the other hand is a melancholic-phlegmatic.

What on earth are sanguines, phlegmatics, choleric and melancholic???

Basically, these are terms from the ancient Greek Times where a person's personality is said to be determined by the "4 humours" in the body. Check out wikipedia for more info on that.

And everyone's temperament usually makes up mostly of 2 out of the 4. Of course, we have a little bit of everything. For example, I do have my sanguine and phlegmatic moments. But out of the four temperaments, I am MOST like a melancholic and choleric due to my pessimistic nature and yet dominating at times!

pic taken from here.

Sanguines tend to be more happy, funloving people who are extroverts that love to mingle and socialise. A good example would probably be celebrities or even your friends who are more outspoken and happening. They're always on the go. Ready to make new friends. The social butterflies. Ever ready to paint the town red! The good part is that it is easy to make friends with Sanguines!

Lyn the Bimb definitely exuberates sanguine temperament and possibly Kenny Sia and Timothy Tiah (although I have yet to meet them or even be acquainted with them)! Even PinkPau, with her hyperness and friendliness, sounds like a sanguine person.

Cholerics are people who tend to be more dominant. A person who loves to sort of be in control and do things instead of waiting around. Cholerics can be a real pain cos it feels that they exhibit obnoxiousness as their nature is rather ambitious and passionate.

Hitler was definitely a choleric! Xiaxue, too sounds like a part choleric based on rants in her blogs. My HOD is also one, that's for sure!

Melancholics are also normally pessimists. Constantly down and depressed due to the doom and gloomy feeling. A good thing about a melancholic is that they think and ponder a lot. However, thinking too much can also be bad especially thinking negatively. Melancholics has the tendency to be perfectionists and can be rather picky and particular about how they want things done. But we know that there is no such thing as being perfect. So, this often may lead to unfulfillment in oneself.

Heath Ledger was probably a melancholic or if not, definitely the latter part of his days. Even the great Abraham Lincoln was no stranger to melancholy.

Phlegmatics are the ones that are laid back and easy going. Taking things one step at a time without a care in the world. These kind of people are easily contented, rational, cool and calm making them easy to get along. However, if a person is TOO much of a phelgmatic to the point of laziness and slow... it can really irk others especially a choleric.

Moses of the bible apparently is considered to be of a phlegmatic temperament based on this writing. Interesting.

It's good to know what kind of temperament you are and those closest to you. For example, my bf, a phlegmatic tends to be more laid back about things where else me, being a choleric tend to be rather bossy and want things to be done. BOTH our temperaments are opposites. We don't even share a temperament in common. It doesn't mean that things won't work out. It just means that we perhaps tend to be on different wavelengths and may have more issues to work out as compared to a couple who are of the same temperament.

Sometimes, my sister can empathise with my bf on certain matters when we argue as they have the same temperament. Which makes me have to take a step back, and see things from their perspective instead.

Wahahaha.. based on the diagram above, I just realised that my bf leans more towards the stable part where else I am more to the unstable side. Definitely, not good! *hehe*

So, based on everything that you've read so far, you should have a rough inkling of your own temperament and those around you.

If not, you can also read more on the four temperaments over here.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

MEN are everywhere!!

NOTE TO SELF: Shouldn't divulge too much about my personal life to certain people.


I received this email from Anne the other day and feel it's really SOOOO true that I just had to share it here.

Woman has Man in it;
Mrs. has
Mr. in it;
Female has
Male in it;
She has
He in it;
Madam has
Adam in it;

No wonder men always want to be inside women!

Men were born between the legs of a woman, yet men spend all their life and time trying to go back between
the legs of a woman....


Okay, Okay, it all makes sense now...
I never looked at it this way before:

Ever notice how all of women's problems start with MEN?

tal illness
strual cramps
tal breakdown
AND ..

When we have REAL trouble, it's a


Friday, July 24, 2009

RIP Patches Ng

Check out Lyn the Bimb's blog as she blogged about our BKK trip... from her Bimbo perspective. AND when she is busily kutuk-ing me like mad... she's known as Lynnie the MEANNIE!!


It was not to be a normal day.

As I have been dubbed as an antisocial, of late, my fellow colleague- Anne made asked me to go for another colleague's birthday lunch celebration and I did. I enjoyed myself and it was quite a fun lunch time with loads of jokes followed by laughter.

However, on our way back to office, my mum called, saying that there was sad news. It didn't feel as if it was such tragic news as I could hear a hint of smile in her tone. Unfortunately, it was.

My dog, Patches died. It was a hit and run case with no eyewitness. It felt so sudden. There were no preparation. Just in the morning, I was joking to my mother that Patches was merajuking because we didn't let her out of her cage. If only I had known that would be the last time I saw her.

As I heard the news, I was shocked. Stunned. Aggrieved and felt like tearing but had to control them. When I reached office, I just felt utterly down. It was the opposite feeling I experienced during lunch time. I wanted to just drive home, curl under my blanket and cry for my loss.

Sounds so dramatic, right? I didn't expect to feel this so acutely. I mentioned it to Anne and started crying.
That felt really pathetic. I felt the loss acutely, strangely.


Patches has been with us for 8 human years and she was truly the best dog I ever had. My dad found her as a puppy roaming the streets of Ringlet town (Cameron Highlands) on her own. She was absolutely adorable and he took her home for us.

I was surprised my mum let us keep her as:

No.1 - She was a FEMALE dog.
No.2 - She had long FUR... AND
No.3 - She had FLEAS!!

Naturally, Patches won mum over with her intellect, her alertness and her human-like behaviour! She tends to look at you and behaves as if she understands what you are saying to her. I wouldn't be surprised if she actually does.

Since then, she has been a source of amusement and joy with her antics such as digging and burying her bones, exasperating us endlessly with her disappearing and appearing magic tricks of sneaking in and out of the house.

She has always been such a lovable creature that people would stop by the house just to visit her, call her and play with her. We even had neighbours throwing over sweets and cheese! It's a good thing they never threw her a bone, if not, she very well might have followed them home!

As Patches grew up, naturally my mum wanted her to mate to have cute, adorable babies just like her. Patches, however, had other ideas. She was picky and only loved to hump puppies... especially the male ones. We were a bit concerned that she might have been confused with her gender. She was also smart enough to sit on her bump when a HUGE dog comes sniffing her for potential mating!

To cut a super long, chiong hei story short, she finally mated with our other dog, Oreos (who disappeared in Cameron Highlands... possibly dognapped by orang asli's and eaten) and had a litter of puppies. However, it would seem that motherhood did not agree with her. Only four out of I think, six of her puppies survived which we named Duchess, Benji, Chopin and Princess.

However, after several days, Princess passed on to doggie heaven as she was too weak to survive. We gave Chopin away to our relatives. No offense, he turned out rather ugly despite his handsome albeit stocky looking father and adorable mother's genes.

Duchess and Benji was eventually exiled to Cameron Highlands as we did not have enough place for them to roam. Unfortunately, Duchess did not survive birthing her babies last year. Apparently, she did not inherit Patches' intelligence of NOT mating with TOO huge a dog!


There are endless stories I could blog about Patches but you would understand what i mean if you had ever seen her, taken care of her or just played with her!

There are endless things that we could have done to give her a better life and also endless measures that we could have taken to prevent this unfortunate incident.

But it's too late. It's always too late.

I don't know if I would want another dog. Just going through my pictures of her and blogging about this makes me tear again. Well, just a little bit.

Just so you know, Patches Ng, you will forever be in my memories and despite your erm.. loose morales... I still love you and will miss you, you cheeky little imp.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Condoms and virginity

I love how Karen Cheng blogs about the mini snippets of her life from fashion shoots, dressing up and about her 3 imps. Simply adorable for words. I especially like this post.


Was on Youtube looking for a song and clicked on this link that led to the below video clip.

No.1 - Adverts can be rather interesting and more creative nowadays.

No.2 - But the above just leaves me feeling ?????!!!! Especially the end.

No.3 - How does a flying condom put you in that mood? Unless I am misinterpreting the clip!!

No.4 - Why doesn't people want to keep their virginity for that special someone anymore?
Not being a righteous preacher but am just trying to fathom the new generation. The new culture?

The BIG questions in life

The funny thing is when one tells a lie, people tend to believe it. But when a truth is told, no one does.


I think I shouldn't think too much about it and place too much hope on it. I should just take it or move on if it's not something to my heart's desire. Decisions made now that will definitely alter my course in life. I wonder if, for the better or for the worse. What I will give to be young and innocent again.

Is it so wrong to want something so different from what one has been experiencing? And is it so wrong to do something that you were brought up to believe is wrong and yet it feels so right? Is it so wrong to want to have nice things in life without being called materialistic?

I've been brought up a Christian ALL my life. Hence, there is a higher moral standard that we have to adhere to or rather, should adhere to ie no swearing, no smoking, no sex before marriage and etc. And because of these values that I've been brought up with, I never used to say words like 'shit' or 'damn' or 'hell' or OMG.

Thus, being labeled as a "Miss-Goody-Two-Shoes" or "Miss Holy", which I am NOT! and if I ever made any of you guys ever feel that I am better than you, than, my thousand apologies. I really disliked those labels as I never believe that of myself. I never think highly of myself in those regards as if I am better than others. After all, I am human and I do sin, too not even metioning my countless flaws and loads of imperfections.

As a child, it was easier to have childlike faith when things were simple and still had it's black and white. As I grow up through the adolescence period, it wasn't church people that were there for me but my non Christian friends. Sad to say. And now, in the working world, I think ALL my illusions have been shattered. There are NO longer any black or white areas but plenty of grey areas. Sometimes, people who call themselves your friends, just don't act like one.

We know that stealing is wrong. But there are those who steal in desperation to feed their family or other worse scenarios. In the obviously black and white world, stealing is wrong! No matter what the reason is. However, in the grey world, one can try to justify and say that the person had NO other choice. Maybe that person just had a bucketful of bad luck and somehow just couldn't find a decent job or well, any money at all thus, resorting to stealing.

I really wonder back to ALL those years. Was He ever real? It's not to say that I shun him or turn my back at Him. Somehow, I know He is there. There is a God. but my question is... where is MY God? As a child, I was 100% sure that I would go to heaven if I ever died. Now, it's a whole lot of different opinion.

Many of us change through time. Some for the better, and some for the worse. We either follow the designated route or we either chose a totally different path set out for us. Sometimes, I feel it will make my life so much more clearer if God just told me what was my path. Yes, there is a possibility that I might not like it. At least, I would KNOW instead of wondering and blundering my way through life.

Time is of essence. I am not growing younger especially that I will be quarter of a century this year. There are SO many things I want to do and that I haven't done. But to do things require time and money. In my line of work, money you'll get but time is limited. Even then, my pay goes to home finances.

I so enjoy going back at 5.30pm EVERYDAY. Coming home, I can surf the net, spend time with my family or go out yam cha with friends, read my novels and just take pleasures in the little things life has to offer. That's why working hours is important.

Besides that, work situation is starting to grate my nerves. Asking me to explain countless times on certain scenarios and to manegement 1, 2, 3 etc and sometimes, that particular thing I am aksed about is not something within my control either. It's to do with upper management.

For example, we have to charge our hours to a particular code ie if you're working on a client, then you charge to that client code. However, if you're unallocated, then you charge to this code, for simplicity sake, I'll just say Code A. And that's what I did as my client wasn't ready for me to come in.

Now, I have to go explain to the lady boss why I charge those hours when, last week itself, I had already gotten a sign off from the male boss AFTER explaining to him WHY I hade so many Code A hours.

What is their problem? In my 3 years plus working experience, this is my first time that I had to get such a thing signed off! I am tired of repeating myself. Of being a broiken record. In fact, it doesn't even appear as if they communicate within themselves.

Before the merger, it was understood that we do have off peak period. Meaning, we were somewhat free as there were no clients to go to. Hence, no jobs to charge to but Code A. My initial department before the merger has really faded away. The culture has changed for the worst. It's no wonder many are resigning even without a job! Especially those with no financial obligation.

There are many things weighing on my shoulders that I think majority of people don't. Sometimes, I really want to say it ALL out but it just isn't right to air ones dirty laundry. Hence, nowadays, I try to make do the best I can with the situation at hand on the good days. On the bad days, I just drown in my sorrows and sufferings... all by myself.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Fraternising with the enemy
Clicking with your groupie
Thought you were my homie
but you're hanging out without me

Losing my ground
Elsewhere I am bound
Wished I could make a sound
If only I can be found

Misunderstood perhaps
Nonchalant I try
Two faces and double standardedness
Enough is enough

Many years have past
Each encounter with you is the same
When will I learn
And save myself from this burn?

Out of sight
Out of mind
What am I to you?
A lapdog? an acquaintance?
Tell me, what am I to you?

Antisocial, you call me but
My handphone does not ring
Don't say I did not try
Cos I know I did

Many things are happening
I am out of the loop
People move in and
People move out

Am I your friend?
Cos you are mine
Do you think of me?
Perhaps, once upon a time

It's easy to put on a facade
and eventually, it becomes reality
and the true you starts to fade away
or perhaps, this is the true you

Check out the Shan and Rozz show below and don't underestimate an ang moh! Sometimes, they can speak even more fluently than a chinese.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

OMG!! such a thing as "best divorce letter ever"...

Random fact about me: I love the colour blue!


I read the below off Mike Yip's blog and just had to share it with you guys. It's funny la.. but hmmm.... now, if only my bf or I would win a lottery... even ONE million would be great! =p

The best damn Divorce letter I’ve ever read….

Dear Husband,

I’m writing you this letter to tell you that I’m leaving you forever.

I’ve been a good woman to you for seven years and I have nothing to show for it. These last two weeks have been hell. Your boss called to tell me that you quit your job today and that was the last straw.

Last week, you came home and didn’t even notice that I had a new haircut, had cooked your favorite meal and even wore a brand new pair of silk panties. You ate in two minutes, and went straight to sleep after watching all of your shows.

You don’t tell me you love me anymore; you don’t want sex or anything that connects us as husband and wife. Either you’re cheating on me or you don’t love me anymore; whatever the case, I’m gone.

Your EX-wife

P.S. Don’t try to find me. Your BROTHER and I are moving away to Spain together! Have a great life!


You must be thinking that that was the best divorce letter that I’m talking about right? You’re dead wrong, read the one below! LOL


Dear EX-wife,

Nothing has made my day more than receiving your letter.

It’s true that you and I have been married for seven years, although a good woman is a far cry from what you’ve been. I watch my shows so much because they drown out your constant whining and griping. Too bad that doesn’t work.

I DID notice when you got a hair cut last week, but the first thing that came to mind was ‘You look just like a boy’! Since my mother raised me not to say anything if you can’t say something nice, didn’t comment.

And when you cooked my favorite meal, you must have gotten me confused with my brother, because I stopped eating pork seven years ago.

About those new silk panties: I turned away from you because the £49.99 price tag was still on them, and I prayed that it was a coincidence that my brother had just borrowed fifty quid from me that morning.

After all of this, I still loved you and felt that we could work it out. So when I hit the lottery for ten million pounds, I quit my job and bought us two tickets to Jamaica ..

But when I got home you were gone.

Everything happens for a reason, I guess.

I hope you have the fulfilling life you always wanted. My lawyer said that the letter you wrote ensures you won’t get a penny from me. So take care.

Your EX-husband, Rich As Hell and Free!

P.S. I don’t know if I ever told you this, but my brother Carl was born Caroline. I hope that’s not a problem.

Friday, July 17, 2009

BKK trip Day 2, Part 2

I think Smashpop's photos are AWESOME!

And so, Lyn separated from Win and I and left Chatuchak. Where else, we headed to Siam Paragon by BTS (which is Thai's LRT but they also have MRT). Don't ask what's the difference cause I don't know! =p

Due to the hot weather, we kept drinking LOADS of water. Hence, we "gap liu" (Cantonese for wanna pee) and went to Siam Paragon's toilet! There were many females of all ages "pan leng" (cantonese for prettifying themselves). The toilet looked more impressive than the picture portrays it.

IMPORTANT to note: If you want to save on money spent on water, this is what we did. Go to 7eleven and buy 2 bottles of water each! Only costs about RM0.60 where else if you go to Platinum Mall or the Malls in general, it'll probably cost you RM2 - RM4 depending where. Then again, some people might feel it's only a paltry amount. It's up to you.

After that, we walked about Siam Paragon as Win was looking for a wallet for her baby. And looked what I came across???!!!!

After walking a bit, we felt like there was anything much to see and was heading outwards when we saw a sign leading us to the Gourmet Market. Win and I decided to check it out as we haven't had our lunch yet. There were LOADS of food.

And then, we headed to Central World as Win figured there might be more variety at the departmental stores, about 10minutes walking distance from Siam Paragon and there is a path leading underneath the BTS track. However, to two very, extremely exhausted and in pain people, it felt like FOREVER til we reached.

We walked around Central World and was joined by Lynnie after her dodgy activity. We then, headed back to Siam Paragon amidst the soreness and sourness of our leg muscles as they offered better prices for Win's purchase. After that, we headed to a place to just sit and chill.

Even then, our poor little feet didn't have a refreshing rest as we soon headed out of the high end malls and walked about the streets with little shops tucked inside the shoplots.

Lyn and Win were so engrossed in their discussion that they failed to notice the above. I felt funny as I listened to the song being played in passing and noticing that EVERYONE was standing still!!

"Eh girls.. I think we need to stand still... cause I think it's the national anthem that's being played!!" I hurriedly told them. Lyn quipped, "Take a pic!! Take a pic!!".

Somehow, the picture doesn't do the actual scene justice. I am so awed by the respect that the Thais have for their country which probably can't be said for ours. I bet you if such an incident happened in our "wonderful" home country, people will still hustle and bustle about with nary a thought.

And then, we headed back to Central there for dinner as recommended by Lyn.

It was a good dinner. We had duck condiment, lala, fruit or something salad, awesome fish, tom yam kung and what is a meal without beer??!! Well, for some ppl, that is.

And then, we headed to Patpong. We bought LOADS of stuff from Naraya. Too bad no pics. However, Patpong is like our Petaling Street. People here are a bit to the rude side and also crude I would say.

The guys MOLESTED Lyn's and my arms. Trying to "get" us to go in the go go bars. Obviously we rejected. The whole concept was rather seedy. As we walked down the street, I could see girls in bikinis dancing on the bar top with poles through the open doors.

Probably guy's idea of heaven?? Hmmm... Thai girl show to be experience some other time...

We then headed back to our hotel, tidied our bags, showered and trudged downstairs to the hotel lobby's massage parlour to have our aching feet woes be soothed.

And then it was ZZZZZZZ time for us in preparation for our LAST day in BKK!!

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

BKK trip Day 2, Part 1

Random facts about me: I love teh ping and cham ping!

And so, day 2 arrives with Winnie and I, headed down for breakfast that was provided by the hotel whilst Lynnie, the stowaway "bersolek". Thank God that I am not a stowaway and that is thanks to Ting Ting who couldn't make it at the 11th hour.

Winnie and I waited for the Stowaday further down from the hotel. While Winnie flirted chatted with a Tuk Tuk driver, I was taking shots of our surroundings!

Win and Lyn... flirting chatting with the tuk tuk dude...

me, the stalkerazzi photographer stalking taking photos as we go along

lots of grilled/ bbq stuff

Even frogs...

more food!!

what's this lady doing??

kaya bread!!! grilled on charcoal...

some thai delicacy

our manicure from the night before at Suan Lum

back road

On our first night in BKK, the tuk tuk guy charged us 150THB to go from Platinum to our hotel (it's really near) and then to Suan Lum.

We then asked him how much will it cost a tuk tuk or taxi to fetch us back to our hotel and he said it'll cost, I think, about 100THB (approx RM10) or less. In the end, it cost 75THB if I am not mistaken. I

MPORTANTLY, when you take a taxi in BKK, MAKE SURE you ask if they're on meter. IF so, it's usually cheaper than a tuk tuk.

So, after our short walk at the back alleys from our hotel. We hailed a tuk tuk or more like the tuk tuk kept pestering us to take his tuk tuk and we bargained from 100THB to 30THB. The guy accepted.

The second conman tuk tuk driver of our trip

SEE!! They are a bunch of con man. So, please be "sing mok" cantonese for alert, i think! Ok lar, to cut them some slack, these tuk tuk drivers are also just trying to make a living..

Anyhow, as we were on our way to Chatuchak. The guy suddenly said he's detouring us to the Gem Gallery much to our dismay and said that he'll get some free stamps for free gasoline. That was why he was willing to charge us for so low a fare.

Out of the kindness of our hearts, we agreed. But when you give people an inch, they always want a mile. The tuk tuk guy then said that he'll also take us to yet another detour but we firmly said NO. More like Lynnie. She's the mama.=p

We just browse through and acted like we were interested when all we wanted was to head to Chatuchak! Lynnie even told the sales people that Winnie and I are getting married and were looking for rings. Haha. You need to be with Lynnie to hear the bimbo things she says! Hillarious.

Ok. I am probably going to get a ribbing for linking her and bimboness. But I can't tell a lie.

So, after the Gem's gallery browsing. We were off to Chatuchak.

Or so we though. The tuk tuk driver conned us saying that it was just a short walking distance to Chatuchak from where he dropped us but he LIED!! We had to walk a fair bit! Think it took us about 10-20minutes.

Lots of jades and buddhist stuff

Whole road we walked was just stall after stall selling similar stuff

Seriously, we were tired just walking that distance before we reached Chatuchak. Our legs were tired, we were tired, sweating like mad under the scorching sun.


We REACHED!! at Soi 25

All the quaint shops selling from cups to wedding trinkets to cute girly stuff to clothes to bags and the list goes on... Of course, FOOD was sold too! We tried the coconut ice cream recommended by Winnie and it was interesting and definitely REFRESHING.

We left quite early as we didn't see much to really interest us. Plus, the heat was really getting on our nerves. And besides, someone had to get her clogged up colons cleanse.

Hence, she went to some dodgy reputable hotel whilst the two of us headed off to Siam Paragon area.

it's always JAMmed... like KL!!

the guy who has the same hat i bought! =(

Ps: That's all for Day 2, Part 1. Will blog the remaining Part 2 and the molesting bit another day. Sorry folks. Got to sleep!!

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