Saturday, July 11, 2009

BKK... here i come!!!!!


I will be boarding the plane in less than 10hours time!!!

OH GOSH!! What happens if I am NOT allowed to go through??? Supposed to be 4 of us heading there. However, one has dropped out due to her parent's concern over the h1n1 outbreak. And I just read a comment left by my friend that the other girl is down with fever. Hopefully, all goes well.

DARN IT!! It never crossed my mind that we might fall ill BEFORE the trip!! Was more worried of after we come back.

Well, fingers crossed!! If not I'll seriously throw a tantrum at the airport that will be news worthy. *Snicker* After all, Malaysians get in to the news for ALL the wrong reasons. Probably blog about that another day. Then again, you probably don't need me to list them out as you probably know a few of it yourself.

Here are some pics taken with my bf's mother's Ixus860...


Sobs.. it seems that the quality has dropped from the last time I gave it a thumbs up!!

Don't try this!! Does not have the tom yam taste... NOT one bit!!

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Ps: Just read on innit that Jojo Struys who just flew back from BKK is home quarantined! Yikes! I wonder what's my firm policy on those travelling back from BKK?? As far as I know, it's not on the list of countries that I have to be home quarantined for if I have travelled to ie London, Australia.

Hope I'll be alright when I get back!


Fumoffu said...

What's BKK? Bangkok?

goingkookies said...

yup yup.. have u been there before?

Fumoffu said...

Nope. Heehee!