Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hailam kopithiam @ SS2

In a week, I went twice to SS2's Hailam Kopithiam! Before this, I had been there once and if my memory serves me well, my first impression of the place was mediocre drinks and not-that-great roti bakar. However, few days back, Mel suggested we go there and HEY! the roti bakar and cham peng was pretty alright!

At least, better than my initial misgivings. You see, every kopithiam that I go to, I make it a point to taste their roti bakar and cham peng and that somewhat serves as my yardstick.

So far, although Old Town seems to be sprouting EVERYWHERE, I no longer patronise their kopithiam as it's quality of roti bakar has fallen by A LOT! Firstly, the bread is hard, dry and too thin. Secondly, they are rather miserly with the amount of kaya spread and thirdly, they don't spread the butter on the bread but instead, they serve long cubes of butter. How can that be satisfying at all??!!

Uncle Lim's at Ikano Power Centre serves a pretty decent roti bakar. The bread is slightly thicker and toasted to perfection that the bread is slightly crisp on the outside and not overtoasted to the point of it being hard. Besides, they are rather generous with the amount of butter and kaya spread. What more can I ask for?! =) Even the kopithiam in Atria that is next to KFC and the dvd shop serves a pretty satisfying roti bakar including the kopithiam in Genting's casino!!

Ok. So, back to Hailam Kopithiam. It seems to be managed by a Chinese (Probably explains the quality of food and ambiance that are maintained). The kopithiam appears to be doing pretty well as the night that I was first there, the place was just bustling with people. Not just youngsters or working people but even elderly people!!

It was a little hard to converse with my friends as the place was rather noisy with all the hustle and bustle of the crowd. Nevertheless, we still enjoyed ourselves. Right Mel?

Hence, me dragging Gill there the following day! I borrowed Mel's Canon Ixus 80is to test the camera as I am thinking of buying that model as it's within my budget. So, there I was just fooling around with the camera.

Which do you prefer? The shots with flash or without? I personally prefer those with flash where else Gill prefer's those without only that it's a tad too dark. The ones without flash tend to look a bit grainy.

Gill with the signature "peace sign" pose!

looking cheeky and mischievous!!

Playing around with the colour accent feature whereby everything is grey except the colour you want to showcase.

example of colour accent is.. see the pink on my sister's shirt?? the browny orange-ish colour of the roti bakar is more obvious!! the blue strap of my bag on my bed!! and the background is all grey.

but i am in a dilemma of whether to get this model or the Canon Ixus 110is??!!!

Any suggestions anyone??

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