Sunday, June 7, 2009

In the name of PEACE!!

Ok. This is a random post. Been wanting to blog about sooo many things. Somehow, when I actually am in front of my laptop, I can't seem to put it into words.


I have always wondered what is it with girls and the "peace" sign. Whenever it's picture taking time, girls seem to loooove just taking pics with that two famous fingers sticking out. Nowadays, guys, too seem to have join in the bandwagon on that. Even small kids have fallen prey to the "cute" sign!!

My bf's little nephew keeps saying, "peace" as he points his two little fingers. and loves his pictures to be taken, Even hardworking, (supposed to be) serious auditors take pictures with the peace sign! HAHA. Heads are going to roll when they see me blogging their pretty faces without their consent!! More like my own head will roll.

Then again, the pictures are pretty decent... except perhaps ms sleeping beautytin!!

SECOND ROW my brother, my bf and his nephew, ms tofu beauty skin again! THIRD ROW cute, sweet, funny and SUPER smart colleagues!

See... even TIMOTHY's princess likes to take pictures with the "peace" sign! But she can pull it off cause she's rather photogenic! especially with her huge, round eyes!! *hehe* and the guy sitting beside her named Desmond. Got the picture off her blog.

I stumbled upon Timothy's and her blog recently. Rather enjoy reading their blogs as their entries are cute and sweet. Sometimes, it feels as if you're part of their friends or you were there with them just by reading their blogs.

That's me (before i had the lame,short side parting!!) attempting the peace sign, too!ok ok. More like i was mocking it! and looking silly too, in the process. =p

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