Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Part of her life

She just cannot fathom how such a person can be. A person who may very well be a part of who she is. The possibility that she could very well be, too. For a person to spew such hateful words with such blatant disregard. Nary a thought for anyone's feelings. Repeating over and over callously those contemptuous words as part of a conversation, with glee it seems, at times. Not seeing, not caring, the very effect his words imprinted in their minds.

She will not take sides. If this is how marriage is like, she wants no part of it. How can two join, become one and yet be world's apart? How can you say, "I do" and mock those vows, the rest of your lives and be cruel towards your supposed one true love?

Love is really blind. Truly blind.

Opposites attract but at the detriment of those surrounding them. Those who are the consequences of such a union who will then bear the consequences of being the results of such consequence.

What makes a person be malicious and mean to a person they had vowed before God to love and cherish, the rest of their days? What makes a person listen but not hear what she says? Is it a result of all those years of disappointments, hurt and pain? Can there never be a turning back? A turning point?

She feels bewildered. Lost. Confused. Aimless. The people she thought who was supposed to be there, to mean something, to look to, for advise, for guidance have appear to forsake her. Drowning in their own murky world of dark days leaving her to fend for herself. Thinking that she is strong. Thinking that she will survive. But how can she, when she has no pillar of strength? No support to a shaky foundation...

In times of despair, she turns to the one. But the one she seeks remains silent to her.

Perhaps, it is time for her to bear the consequences for the wrongs that she has done. Maybe this is the consequences to all those moments of weakness. To be punished for the wrongs that were done.

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