Friday, June 19, 2009

Once upon a time

The times we used to play
I long for them
and I'll cherish them
Smashing lights and paper boats in the rain
chatting instead of studying.

Friendship is like a relationship
It takes two to tango
It goes both ways
One reaches out
and the other, should
Grab on for dear life.

Flirtations, puppy love
those were the days
where things seemed complicated
but in comparison to the present
It pales in comparison.

Laughter and friendship
Those were the days
Getting pissed when you started smoking
Upset when we drifted
Moving on to new sights, new paths
New journeys

Trust and faith
hand in hand
In abundance I had
Now in vain
lost in pain

Left with
what ifs and if onlys
To turn back time
Change my mind
Beliefs and dreams
fade away


Anonymous said...

nice poem..
wait.. it is a poem? lol
anyway, it's meaningful =F

goingkookies said...

haha.. i m not sure if it can be classified so..

it's just about my childhood, high school (the puppy love and all), SAM year and growing up as an adult..

hmm.. seem to be regressing instead of progressing.