Saturday, June 27, 2009

Michael Jackson and Aaron Kwok's nudity

"You only realise the value of something when you no longer have it,
and by then, it is too late."

Everyone seems to be blogging or talking or FB-ing about Michael Jackson's death. Most of the celebrity bloggers such as Perez Hilton, Pink is the new blog, Timothy Tiah, Pink Pau, Kennysia, Jojo Struys and even Nuffnang regular bloggers such as Pamsong, Nicholas, Evon, Emeryn, Mike Yip to name a few have even written about him or at least his works and something related to him. Even radio stations were playing his songs ALL day long.

No offense to all you hardcore MJ fans but I just don't feel affected by his demise, not even by a bit. True, he was the King of Pop and had lots of good songs. He even had a lot of troubles and worries and stress like us ordinary people. Well, except the pedophile part.

But still, so what? Seriously. Even so that I love Backstreet Boys, 98degrees or even Josh Groban, I wouldn't mourn over their deaths. Once again, seriously?

It's really sad how someone can make such drastic changes that probably left a scarring permanent damage on oneself and to live with it??



Why is it that we tend to only appreciate or acknowledge a person when they die?

Look at the older days famous composers such as Mozart and Beethoven. They all died as poor men. Famous Bach's music was unpopular for 100 years!! But now, their music is renown throughout the world, played in many versions and renditions and even incorporated into movies etc!

Despite my lack of emotional state regarding MJ's death, I sincerely hope that he does finally rest in peace. But I can't help but wonder where did he ended up.

Up with the heavenly angels and eternal happiness?


Down to the hot, burning abyss forever??

ps: When I was reading Kennysia's blog.. I came by the below pic... *haha* Only Kennysia would write such a post and linked such a thing... =p

UPDATE @ 27/6/2009 1:25am
I just got off the phone with my bf who is ALL the way in the land of sleepy koalas and punching kangaroos!!

I was saying, "Seriously, what is the big deal with MJ's death??!!" and yada yada yada... Thinking that he would agree with me.

-_- Mana tau, tak support me.

My bf, the traitor treacherously said, "I have always wanted to see him make his comeback and so, was happy with the news that his concert was sold out! But probably the strain of the concert caused him to suffer a heart attack."

"Then again, maybe he's not dead. You know MJ lah... weird fella. Or who knows? it's just a gimmick?", he quipped.

Bah. Another MJ fan! =p Just don't play his songs at my wedding or start moonwalking during the ceremony, mister!!


Anonymous said...

agree with you!
people tend to appreciate the work after that person died..
tsk tsk tsk..

- c H i E n - said...

Most of us grow up listening to his songs. So when he died, a lot of people feel as if part of them has been taken away as well.

goingkookies said...

I listened and rather liked "black n white" in primary school and also "heal the world" in high school but I don't feel like a part of me has died etc.

It's like he died, but his songs are still around.

If your friend passed away, you're sad.. you grieve for them, that's understandable. Everyone's grieving as if he was their friend.