Saturday, June 27, 2009

Annoying ticks and antics of a family....

I don't see why my family has to talk the way that we do. Sometimes, it makes me wonder if other families are like that, too?

No.1 favourite is to Yell or talk REALLY loudly.
It's annoying and it doesn't make me feel like listening to whatever is being yelled about. Would you like it if someone constantly yells at you? Talking to you rudely as if you're not worth their time and patience? Talking condescendingly with that annoying "rolling eye" look as if you're just bugging them?

No.2 is Lecturing, Nagging and Scolding.
I am not a small child anymore. Lecturing and Nagging and scolding isn't effective as when I was a little girl and had NO choice in my say but to listen! =p

No. 3 would be the "i-ignore-you" silent treatment.
Gosh. Are the words from one's mouth worth gold? Sometimes, when I ask a question and obviously expecting an answer and I wait but... *SILENCE* Seriously, what the *toot*??!!! Such a big deal to answer? Even if perhaps I did not hear the answer and repeat the question, just answer la!

Somehow, it seems that we tend to react first. It really kills my mood when you guys yell, talk impatiently/rudely or ignore me. We all have our ups and downs but please be considerate and not take it out on me!

People say that friends are family that you get to choose. However, at least with family, no matter how much you scream or yell or piss each other off, at the end of the day, you're still a family. Despite irritations and annoying habits and all, I believe that we do love each other... in our own, funny way.

Now, if only we can put it more into actions. After all, action DOES speak louder than words!

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