Sunday, June 14, 2009

Impending father's day

Father's day is around the corner. What have you decided to do for your dad? Do you even know when is it???

Yesterday, at Uptown in a camera shop, a lady at the counter asked my friend and I, "Excuse me ar, when is father's day?" And a smart me quipped, "should be tomorrow." meaning today, Sunday!

My friend looked at me dubiously "Are you sure it's tomorrow? Cos I think it's next week as everywhere I've gone, shops are announcing father's day on 21st or is it 3rd week of June??!!"

"Well, I am not too sure. Thought it was the second week of June." I felt rather mortified not knowing when was father's day!


Anyways, am thinking what to get my dad. Most probably take him out for dinner somewhere if he's around.

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