Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pooped out... Gym Part 3

Last week, I had a blast in gym or rather the Dance Revolution class. I could follow the steps and I felt alive, refreshed, happy after the work out. Today, during the dance class itself, I was literally half dead. My right side tummy hurt, was out of breathe, my limbs felt achish, flulike symptoms. The dancing bunny instructor taught new steps and at a faster pace than usual.

After the class, or rather 15 minutes before the end of class, I was pooped and super drained. But kept pushing on, seeing this one super slim girl dance effortlessly, my inspiration. She was wearing midriff top and you can see her FLAT tummy. So annoying. Bleh.

Anyways, I had so much I wanted to blog but now that it's sooo late, everything seems to have flown out the window. I'll probably update tomorrow if there's more to add.

Okies. I am off to bed. Tomorrow is another day. Everyday, I have Monday blues.


仪的黑色幽默 said...

May i know where u having ur dance class?

goingkookies said...

It's a dance class every monday, at Jaya 33's True Fitness Gym.