Sunday, June 7, 2009

Headache's back again... blimey!

Today was pretty much an uneventful day.

12.10pm Woke up and returned my sister's miscall but she didn't answer. Received an sms from her and called the electrician back who said that he was coming then. Called my mum to confirm what needs to be done but as usual, the conversation wasn't smooth nor encouraging. She ended by saying,"I am too far away to explain. We've already discussed. You go ahead and do as you see fit". Well, if only it was that simple. Knowing her, probably something won't go as plan and I will bear the brunt of it. Just like the shoe cupboard case.

12.24pm Hurriedly bathed and kept peeping out of the house to see if the electrician had reached.

12.50pm Sporting a slight headache and still NO signs of the electrician. My brother woke up and was waiting, too.

1.05pm Finally, they reached and started at their work. At the sane tine, I decided to clean the kitchen. I wished I could throw LOTS of unnecessary stuff out.

3.15pm OMG. They're still at it. Sigh. It doesn't look that good. I can still see the hole they drilled and wires sticking out. Dust ALL over the floor. Came upstairs to rest for a bit but ended up checking out people's blogs. The happening people who went for the Hennesy Artistry event and those pumped up to go for the Tiger Stand Out event today.

4.10pm Headed downstairs to tell my brother that I am going to rest due to my headache that has decided to linger. However, the electrician and his worker was done and was tidying up. I continued sweeping the floor and even wiped the floor twice. Still there was a trace of dust.

5.25pm Read a bit of a novel.

7.15pm Time really flies especially when I read novels. Forced myself to rest in the hopes of relieving the annoying pressure on the top right of my head.

7.45pm Mum comes barging in. She's back with dad. Asking about the lights and all. Surprisingly, she left me to rest.

10.25pm The goldfish called to chat and I said I was resting due to my headache. However, after that, I forced myself up and went down to eat some pizza and had Nescafe and coke.

11pm Back to surfing the net and here I am blogging.

11.35pm Still feel the slight pressure on the top right of my head. Should I sleep? Finish my novel? Hmmm...

See. A pretty normal, simple and unexciting Saturday. Felt like I wasted the day sleeping. =(

What I really wanted to do today was...

1. Go shopping. Looking for a pair of jeans. The current ones are loose despite going through several washings in the hopes that it'll shrink or rather tighten due to elasticity.

2. Go to gym. Since I joined for that one month. I might as well fully utilise it. Three weeks left of membership. Gosh. Hopefully, I can leave work early this week. Seriously, when I go for the dance classes, I feel that my eyes work out more than my body trying to follow the dance steps.

3. Meet someone to talk about some money making idea.

Unfortunately, none of that work out as the wonderful electrician man changed the timing of coming to my house. One moment say that they're coming in the morning. Next, they said 1pm. Then, today call and say want to come at 12pm but in the end, they still turned up at 1pm. Grrr.

Saturday's almost over and leaving me with Sunday. Already having Monday blues if that's even possible!!

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