Sunday, February 28, 2010

Don't fall sick

"Staying with someone you really love even if you know you two can't be together for a lot of reasons is like standing under the rain... It feels good but you know it will soon make you sick."

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Kooky Pics #139 Everyone has a super hero

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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Chris Brown- Crawl

Lately, I feel like I can identify with many of the songs being played on the radio.

The words being sung. Memories beckoning. Treacherous thoughts spring to mind. Irrationality seems to be what it's all about. This is one song that should be sung by you.

So, where do we go from here? Cos I haven't gotten my answer.

[Verse 1]
Everybody see's it's you
I'm the one that lost the view
Everybody says we're through
I hope you haven't said it too

So where
Do we go from here
With all this fear in our eyes
And where
Can love take us now
We've been so far down
We can still touch the sky

If we crawl
Till we can walk again
Then we'll run
Until we're strong enough to jump
Then we'll fly
Until there is no end
So lets crawl, crawl, crawl
Back to love, Yeah
Back to love, Yeah

[Verse 2]
Why did I change the pace
Hearts were never meant to race
I always felt the need for space
But now I can't reach your face
So where
Are you standing now
Are you in the crowd of my faults
Love, can you see my hand?
I need one more chance
We can still have it all

If we crawl(if we crawl)
Till we can walk again
Then we'll run (then we'll run)
Until we're strong enough to jump
Then we'll fly
Until there is no end
So lets crawl, crawl, crawl
Back to love, Yeah
Back to love, yeaaah

Everybody see's it's you
Well I never wanna lose that view

So we'll crawl (if we crawl)
Till we can walk again
Then we'll run
Until we're strong enough to jump
Then we'll fly
Until there is no end
So lets crawl, crawl, crawl

So we'll crawl (ooh)
Till we can walk again (till we can walk again)
Then we'll run (we'll run)
Until we're strong enough to jump (until we're strong enough to jump)
Then we'll fly (then we'll fly)
Until there is no end
So let's crawl, let's crawl, lets crawl
Back to love
Back to love yeah
Back to love

It is you

I would miss your abundant patience.

I would miss the simpleness.

I would miss the corny poems that never fails to etch a smile on my face.

I would miss how you link your hands with mine.

I would miss the cuddles, the hugs- the security of arms around me.

I would miss a thousand and one things of you. Of us. Of memories stretched over this past decade. Of what we were, what we are and what we could be.

Ashton Kutcher asked Jessica Alba in the movie- "Valentines day" if she ever did consider marrying him and she said yes.

But she added, "When you propose to a girl, you don't want her to just consider it. You'd want her to just know."

Kooky Pics #138 Glass paints

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Lucky you

Some people are just plain unlucky.
And for some, they just have ALL the luck in the world.

Read here about how this business man dreamt up some numbers and won RM11million from it!

Here is to wishing that I'll dream up some nice numbers tonight. *Wishing super duper hard*
Even winning RM1million will be GOOD enough. The things I could do with the money.

I would give 10% for tithe.
10% for my philanthropic work. I've always wanted to help the underprivileged or those in need.

20% to my parents and sibling and for family holidays.
10% for a thorough renovation to the house.

10% for savings to be put in fixed deposits or other form.
20% for investment of sorts.

10% for me to go traveling ie Europe trip especially Greek Island tour!
10% for my very self. To buy the things I like such as
laptop, home theatre system, Rock band, DSLR OR pursue the billion things I want to do ie guitar, music, dancing, photography, designing courses, to name a few and make a career out of it!

One can dream big. And that's what I am going to do tonight.


It's so true

"Falling in love is not finding the perfect person.
It´s learning to love an imperfect person perfectly. "

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Kooky Pics #135 Haven in Tanah Rata

This is where I go in Cameron Highlands whenever I want...
internet and a cup of coffee!

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Friday, February 19, 2010

Sweetest Marriage Proposal

It's so sweet to see the lengths some people would go for the person they love.

The effort and thought.

Kooky Pics #130 Red is ONG!

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A blurry me

It's never easy to blog honestly. To really talk about one's journey in life only to be scrutinised and criticised or judged by others especially if one is a famous person. Then again, who am I kidding? I am just an ordinary person. A plain jane. Another human to walk this planet earth.

But whatever it is, it's always been an outlet to express myself despite being drummed into me that one has to be careful what one says or think or act and you know what? After awhile, it gets really tiring.

It gets really tiring to always having to be in control of oneself. One's emotions. One's behavior. One's thoughts and the list just goes on.

I used to really blog about how I feel. What I go through and perhaps not exactly what's going on but at least, I was true to my own feelings. I knew myself. These days, everything is kind of a blur. I don't know what exactly am I feeling nor what do I really want and it stinks. Even my blogging is a jumble of mess.

What used to be black now seems white or gray. What used to be wrong, now doesn't seem so.

It really stinks not knowing.

But all I know is that I need to do something about it. And fast. I can't keep kidding myself or cajoling myself anymore that all will be well or things will just fall in its place.

When you let go of that control, just even for that one time, it changes everything.

It changes everything.

Kooky Pics #129 GONG XI GONG XI!!

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Yuno Ito - Trust you

I was asking a friend to recommend a song and he intro-ed this song.

I love the instrumental part... and the words.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Kooky Pics #128 Naughty

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Is it CNY or is it Valentines?

How much would you spend on that special someone?

Is it really worth the price?

And 1 year from now or 5 years down the road, will the present even matter?

Does one need to buy something just to show one's love?

Is the latest Guess watch and bracelet something really that unforgettable? Is this how one's love is measured these days?

A present..a nice present.. then a bigger present... perhaps, a more expensive present?

I think as the years pass, we forget the meaning of love and what it's all about. Valentines Day is yet another that has been commercialised. You see flowers being sold. Heart shape objects everywhere. But is that what this is all about?

We hear love songs being written and sung. About breakup and heartaches. About love triangle and love not reciprocated. We watch love movies and how people fall so easily in love and so easily out of love. We see people fall in love and yet do stupid things. We see people in love do hurtful things to the people they love.

Tell me, what is love? Cos I really want to know.

I thought I knew the answer. I thought I new what it meant.

But that's what I thought...

However, if you're that lucky person who knows what love is and you have that special someone, NEVER ever forget why that person is special to you. Never forget the love you both have and never take it for granted.


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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Gentle reminder

I have so many things I want to blog about that I have yet to.

Some of them are just sitting idly under draft...

- Cousin's birthday at Murni Discovery @ Aman Suria
- Outing to Sg Wang on Federal Territory day
- Stupid policemen @ SS2 bomba who was obviously trying to intimidate me to pay bribe when I didn't commit any crime
- My wonderful job that is sapping my chirpiness away
- Fellow plurkers who's been supportive & probably knows more of what's going on in my life
- My awesome mother who wanted to impose a 12am curfew on me & take away my laptop
- More on asshole drivers and how I am probably downgrading myself to be one

and the list just goes on.

Perhaps, I'll write them all during CNY. So much plans for CNY. Watch my series, read several novels, tify up my finances, settle car renewal of road tax and insurance and the list just goes on.

I really hope CNY is going to be good. Maybe not super swell but at least enjoyable.
Unfortunately, I'll be bringing my stupid Securities Comission (SC) guidelines and Listing requirements to read up. *groan*

Definitely looking forward to NON-work days. My colleague, AN today asked me why I kept smiling and grinning. And if you know me since I started working, I am lifeless and dull at work and sometimes, after work, too! I said,"cos tmr is Thursday and I am on leave on Friday!".

Of course happy to the max. Words can't describe the immense giddy happiness. Sounds so dramatic but I really don't enjoy my current work. Not so the workload. I've to be at least a tad thanful that I am no longer in audit.

My audit friends sounds like they're really suffering with unrealistic expectations from upper management. If I was still in audit, I'll be working til 12-3am plus. Now, I get to go home about 6ish-7ish. So far, that is.

And for that, I am thankful. =)

Kooky Pics #123 Fern

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Kooky Pics #119 Art

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Read this off a friend's blog on 101 things... but somehow this one stood out.

64. Sometimes I like being alone. It makes you reflect more on life.