Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Gentle reminder

I have so many things I want to blog about that I have yet to.

Some of them are just sitting idly under draft...

- Cousin's birthday at Murni Discovery @ Aman Suria
- Outing to Sg Wang on Federal Territory day
- Stupid policemen @ SS2 bomba who was obviously trying to intimidate me to pay bribe when I didn't commit any crime
- My wonderful job that is sapping my chirpiness away
- Fellow plurkers who's been supportive & probably knows more of what's going on in my life
- My awesome mother who wanted to impose a 12am curfew on me & take away my laptop
- More on asshole drivers and how I am probably downgrading myself to be one

and the list just goes on.

Perhaps, I'll write them all during CNY. So much plans for CNY. Watch my series, read several novels, tify up my finances, settle car renewal of road tax and insurance and the list just goes on.

I really hope CNY is going to be good. Maybe not super swell but at least enjoyable.
Unfortunately, I'll be bringing my stupid Securities Comission (SC) guidelines and Listing requirements to read up. *groan*

Definitely looking forward to NON-work days. My colleague, AN today asked me why I kept smiling and grinning. And if you know me since I started working, I am lifeless and dull at work and sometimes, after work, too! I said,"cos tmr is Thursday and I am on leave on Friday!".

Of course happy to the max. Words can't describe the immense giddy happiness. Sounds so dramatic but I really don't enjoy my current work. Not so the workload. I've to be at least a tad thanful that I am no longer in audit.

My audit friends sounds like they're really suffering with unrealistic expectations from upper management. If I was still in audit, I'll be working til 12-3am plus. Now, I get to go home about 6ish-7ish. So far, that is.

And for that, I am thankful. =)