Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sushi Zanmai @ 1Utama

It's been awhile since I blogged about Malaysia. The land of corrupted policemen brimming with infestation of petty crime such as snatch theft, bold break ins and what not. Whatever it is, it is still the place I call home.

Early in the year when my cousins from Australia were in Malaysia, before one of them went back to Melbourne, we went to Sushi Zanmai at 1Utama Shopping Centre, Petaling Jaya, seeing how he LOVES Japanese food.

I've always had my reservations about Sunshi Zanmai- the price and the absurdly long queue. When we reached there, there was already a looooong queue but seeing that my other cousin is somewhat handicapped and uses a walker to get about, we were let in to our tables somewhat fast.

What is Japanese food without Hot Ocha!

A must have at Jap restaurants- soft shell crab!

However, the one's here weren't that great. The sushi didn't look fresh and the soft shell crab was more soggy than crisp. I miss the one in Johor Bahru at Pelangi Mall.

My tuna maki!

My must-have sushi at Japanese restaurants and because of this, MsJuice's says I don't eat real sushi. To her, real sushi are those salmon, other raw fish, pickles kind.

Cawan mushi

Fare-thee-well Jo Schmo!

Basically, my brother, cousin and I shared a few sushis and don. Can't remember the names as this was sooo many months ago food outing. I still stand by that it wasn't that great IMHO. Besides, it's really hot over there. Perhaps too many bright lights/lamps. I wouldn't recommend people to go there- if they are in a rush or if it's peak time.

My cousin's fish that my fatty me was trying to show how it's so tiny and not worth it for the price you pay! Or at least, I think that was what I was trying to say when my brother took this super unflattering picture of me!

My other cousin's call for desert- ice cream in wafer. Usually one can't go very wrong with desserts but guess I was wrong.

I still don't like the food at Sushi Zanmai and I don't see a reason for the loooong queue. SERIOUSLY. Anyone care to enlighten me??!!

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Kooky Pics #281 Dainty Dazzle

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You and me

Picture taken from HERE.

I hate how you taunt me,
how you have me twisted in knots.
All I want is to be free,
and yet you're constantly in my thoughts.

How did I let you have this hold on me,
this tight, unshakable grip.
Were we meant to be,
but we will never know as you let me slip.

I dream of you, night after night.
You put me in a quandary, I wonder why.
It's all your fault you left without a fight.
Perhaps all you want is just to see me cry.

Time will past and all will fade,
You were all baloney.
Call a spade a spade,
But you will just be, yet another memory.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Kooky Pics #280 Long Greenies

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Teetotaler Thursday

I must say, I had doubts about today. I mean, who wouldn't if they woke up to horrendous itches signifying yet another bouts of dreadful rashes. Hurriedly had my shower but in the midst of my glorious bath, my eyes started to ITCH! YES! MY FRIGGING EYES!!!

I mean, COME ON!! Seriously. Having this on and off unbearable rashes for the past few months has been a real pain. Body is one thing but the eyes??!!! Anyways, I resisted the urge to rub them and it slowly subsided.

Do not fancy the new Villa & Hut tables and chairs at Carindale Mall.

Besides that untoward incident, today has been a rather productive day. I vacuumed, washed clothes, bedsheets and bathroom mats. Tea break over a Chai Latte and Cajun Spice with Mr. C in between his work.

Silly me. After close to three months of inhabitation in Carindale, Brisbane, I only became a library member today just right before I am headed home to summer-all-year-long Malaysia. Had an awesome time book shopping and borrowed 12 items! It's like I died and went to book heaven. You're probably wondering how am I going to read ALL those books right??! No sweat. I have a plan.

I gleefully passed by Mr. C's shop to show him my babies and then went home
exuberantly with my 'babies'- books and groceries.

Unfortunately, Mr. Sun refused to grace me with his sunny rays and instead, Ms. Gloomy Skies made an appearance. The moisture in the air did not help one bit with the drying of my washed clothes from yesterday and neither did it help with the bed sheets hung out to dry in the morning. Hence, I made a trip to the dryer's and put my two dollar's worth of tumble in the dryer.

Whilst waiting for the sheets and clothes to dry, I enjoyed a long overdue chat with my brother. Yes, long distance, I know. Am currently using LEBARA and it's only 3cents per minute to call back home- landline (meaning house phone) and 5cents per minute to call mobile. It used to be 1cent per minute though. Dang! Julia Gillard's fault! Nah. Kidding. *hehe*

Anyways, once my clothes were dried, I drove slightly further down to 7Eleven and bought a Slurpee for Mr. C. Thought it would make a wonderful surprise- rewarding him, after his hard day of labour. Went home, line the sheets back on the bed, folded the clothes and put them away.

My, I do sound rather domesticated. Wonder if that's good or bad.

Picture taken from HERE.

Anyways, as I was putting a little something for dinner, Mr. C came home and we had dinner as Barney Stintson entertained me for two episodes worth of 'HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER proceeded by Courtney Cox, amusing me with for the next hour with her antics in 'COUGAR TOWN. SO going to miss watching them both for that next couple of months!

Picture taken from HERE.

And now, here I am, writing this in the most wittiest, me way possible and it's time to say goodnight folks! May tomorrow be a free-from-rashes day. Pweety please, I implore to the high heavens. Sweet dreams peeps!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Kookie Pics # 279 Alien fruit revealed!

This how a passion fruit looks like. =)

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It takes two to tango

Last week, I blogged about relationships last week in TWO INDIVIDUALS WITH TWO FAMILIES' UPBRINGING and decided to give my many, many two cents worth. It's come off rather long winded and a tad too serious as I struggle to inject any sense of wittiness and humour. I do try my best though, I assure you.

In every game, movie or in every situation, everyone has a role to play.
It's like, it takes TWO hands to clap and it takes at least TWO person to tango. So, same goes for a relationship- it's TWO ways.

In any relationship, girls need to understand that as much as we would love men to understand us- to know us, to comprehend us, we will ALWAYS be mind baffling, no matter the decades of years together. It's a bit tough for guys to read us, girls when we don't even know what we want ourselves at times!

Guys and girls make up are DIFFERENT! It's just how we are. Besides that, each individual themselves are different in terms of personality which affects each person's thought, speech and action.

Picture taken from HERE.


My view... I always say that his dad is a really good role model in the sense that he is discipline, responsible and efficient. He brings the dough home (and so does the mum) and ensures that bills are paid on a timely manner, that there is no extravagant spending (within one's limit).

The father is particular about how things are done- how his clothes are washed ironed, how food is cooked, how he wants certain things done a certain way etc. The father doesn't procrastinate and is always 2-3 steps ahead. What am I talking about?? His dad is usually 5 to 10 steps Hence, there is NO need for the mother to nag.

HIS view... However, MR. C claims that his father naturally does what is required of him BECAUSE his mother doesn't nag his father!

Of course after hearing the above, it makes me want to clobber him because even when I don't remind him, I don't see him moving. But you have to bear in mind once again, each of you would have different measurement sticks and different definition for a lot of things leading to...

Piccture taken from HERE.

I always say that I will be happy as long as
Mr. C gives his 100%, his best. Then again, my definition of 100% and his might differ seeing that we both come from different families with different upbringings and values and see the world with different pairs of eyes and understanding. We definitely have VERY different definition to A LOT of things.

Each person's personalities also comes into play and it helps to understand and improve expectations and communications within a relationship, or at least it's supposed to. I blogged previously in 2009 about the four personalities whereby each of us have the tendency to be more dominant of the two out of four- dominant, melancholic, phlegmatic and sanguine.


Although all of us have a bit of each of the four personalities, we tend to be more of two of the personalities. In my case, I am more of a dominant and a melancholic. Dominant in the sense whereby I am more of a task oriented, always on the go, likes to plan and get things done kind of person. However, as a melancholic, I tend to be pessimistic and more sensitive. I find it harder to adapt well to changes and struggles with insecurities.

Mr. C on the other hand is my TOTAL opposite. He is a Sanguine and a Phlegmatic. Being of a Sanguine disposition, he is an extrovert and an optimist, having a brighter outlook in life and of life. As a Phlegmatic, Mr. C possess a calm and amicable demeanor. He is non-confrontational and more inclined to be a people pleaser than one to stir controversy or take a bull by it's horns kind of guy. Sadly, the phlegmatic side of him means he can be rather laid back as he is easily contented with who and where he is.

Picture taken from HERE.

The issue with the both of us having opposite personalities, it means that we clash often. Sometimes, I can be a bit too dominating for his liking and I do try to be more submissive but that can be rather tough especially as I like to be in control most times. =p

We're basically total opposites and Mr. C loves to retort that "Opposites attract" whenever I remind him of our differences and incompatibilities! It is like where he is the sun and I am the moon. He represents day and I, night. He is all sunshine and I am all doom and gory.

There are SO many instances where I don't get how he can think or do what he does and I probably never will but it helps that I know that it's his personality and I have to do certain things differently and perhaps, sometimes, accept that's who he is. I never really understood this until my sis, a Sanguine-Phlegmatic told me that she would have done the same thing in a certain situation as Mr. C, it made me realised how different we think and operate and that we will ALWAYS be opposites. The question is whether I can accept him for who is in a forever scenario.

At the end of the day, it's how we choose to overcome the differences and work things out. On somedays, like today, it can be downright disappointing and tiring. The never ending pushing to get him off his laid backness, to get things done and him, always feeling that what he does is never enough and I will always get on his case one way or another.

Even after 10 years of relationship together with each other, we still our work cut out for us. It's usually tougher when both individual do not share a common personality. Cos each will always feel as if the other is from a different planet with different thinking. To top it off, it doesn't help that man are supposedly from Mars and woman are from Venus.

My bottom line to this super chiong hei (Cantonese for long winded) post is that in any relationship, KNOW that you're both two DIFFERENT individuals with different definitions and thinking! So, you can't expect him to think like how you do and vice versa.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Kookie Pics #278 Alien fruit

Right from my aunt's garden!!

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Know your 80% and 20%

I just came across the below from Jessy's blog and this is what I meant in my post yesterday about somethings and 80% and 20%.

"In a relationship you're only going to get 80% of what you want.
But there will always be another guy/girl who offers you another 20%,
and that 20% looks really good when you are not getting it all from your current relationship.
You will always be tempted to leave the 80% because you think you will get something better with the 20%.
But in the end, you will regret choosing the 20% because what you really want is Your 80%"

So, identify your 80% and cut the 20% off.

Kooky Pics #277 Little joys

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Monday, July 26, 2010


Picture taken from HERE.

Some things are better left unsaid,
Some strings are better left undone,
Some hearts are better left unbroken,
Some lives are better left untouched,
Some lies are better off believed,
Some words are better left unspoken"

-Hall & Oates-

Someone asked me if she should tell the guy that she likes him. I asked her, " What is the point of telling a person that you like them if you don't want anything to happen out of it? If you're so sure that there won't be a happy ever after? Just so to get it off your chest? Just to feel a weight is lifted off your shoulders? It doesn't work that way. Then you're not being very fair to that person especially if the person returns your feelings."

This is about another person, if you knew that the person wasn't right for you, irregardless of how attracted you are to that person, or if it was just an easy ride for you, you should have steered away then venture into uncharted and unauthorised territories over countless times. It doesn't matter if that person is the 20% and at times, seem to feel like the 80%. And you should never have crossed that boundary and when you did, you should have had a better explanation. You should never have string that person along and let that person be another knot in your bedpost.

Maybe what you told that person is the truth. Maybe it was a lie and maybe you think that it was the right thing to do but you just never know. If it was the truth, then, the person will move on. However, if it was lie, you never gave that person the chance. And now, you'll never know.

And maybe that's what you want. Not knowing. Never knowing of the plenty of possibilities. But that person might have been your soulmate. Your kindred spirit and you just let that person walk away without a fight.

Perhaps, some stones are best left unturned.

Kooky Pics #276 Gerberas- The Frienship Flower

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Jason Derulo... HERE I COME!!

This came in two weeks back...

Who else would have sent me an official looking post??!

WOOHOO!! MY JD tickets are here!!!

Many people would probably have gone for many concerts by the time they are the same age as I am now. Even my geeky ex-colleague has been to many and even clubbing!! Which is not what I can say for myself, sadly.

The only concert by a famous group that I've been to is All American Rejects when they came to Malaysia last year but even then, it didn't really felt like an actual concert. Maybe I have too high expectations. Or just maybe because it was free.

In case you have no idea who Jason Derulo is, here's a picture for you to see. He isn't exactly someone you would swoon over based on his looks, well, not for me BUT he really is talented! If you don't recall his name or who he is, you would definitely have heard of his acclaim hit songs- Watcha say, Riding Solo, In my head and so on.

Picture taken from HERE.

He may only be 22 years old and yet has many achievements under his belt. He's an American singer, song writer, dancer and actor, currently on tour to promote his album titled 'Jason Derulo'.

Whilst most of us were busy dealing with puberty and what not, JD with intentions of becoming a solo performer one day, has been writing songs for famous artiste such as P.Diddy, Danity Kane and Sean Kingston, to name a few at the tender age of 16.

Picture taken from HERE.

Based on his music videos, he's got some good songs and suave moves and definitely looks like a worthy concert to go for. So, here's finger crossing for the ultimate concert experience in November! And not forgetting, many thanks and kisses to the awesome Mr. C for the early birthday gift!! =)

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Kooky Pics #274 Yellow Schmellow

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