Monday, July 26, 2010


Picture taken from HERE.

Some things are better left unsaid,
Some strings are better left undone,
Some hearts are better left unbroken,
Some lives are better left untouched,
Some lies are better off believed,
Some words are better left unspoken"

-Hall & Oates-

Someone asked me if she should tell the guy that she likes him. I asked her, " What is the point of telling a person that you like them if you don't want anything to happen out of it? If you're so sure that there won't be a happy ever after? Just so to get it off your chest? Just to feel a weight is lifted off your shoulders? It doesn't work that way. Then you're not being very fair to that person especially if the person returns your feelings."

This is about another person, if you knew that the person wasn't right for you, irregardless of how attracted you are to that person, or if it was just an easy ride for you, you should have steered away then venture into uncharted and unauthorised territories over countless times. It doesn't matter if that person is the 20% and at times, seem to feel like the 80%. And you should never have crossed that boundary and when you did, you should have had a better explanation. You should never have string that person along and let that person be another knot in your bedpost.

Maybe what you told that person is the truth. Maybe it was a lie and maybe you think that it was the right thing to do but you just never know. If it was the truth, then, the person will move on. However, if it was lie, you never gave that person the chance. And now, you'll never know.

And maybe that's what you want. Not knowing. Never knowing of the plenty of possibilities. But that person might have been your soulmate. Your kindred spirit and you just let that person walk away without a fight.

Perhaps, some stones are best left unturned.