Thursday, July 8, 2010

Oracle Paul, the octopus

Earlier on in the evening, Mr. C was getting anxious about the Germany match in three hours as he's an ardent Germany fan.

His colleague who hails from England said earlier in the World Cup match that if Germany won against the match with England, she wouldn't talk to him. Germany won. But she still talks to him reiterating once again on my point that EVERYONE loves him. Then again, she didn't bring up the topic up til now.

When his housemates were rooting for Argentina, he chided them for betting against him- a Germany fan. No points for guessing who won. Yup. Germany!

I exclaimed to Mr. C over his anxiety that it's just a football game- not exactly the end of the world. Then again, I am a female who sees footie as 22 guys chasing after a ball. So, what would I know, right??!

He quipped that if Germany didn't win, he will have to wait for another four, slow agonising years to see Germany to glory. To which I said, "Oh well, it's just another four years away." =p

So what will it be? Who is your final pick in the Germany vs Spain match in three hours time? Germany? Spain? Or first half Spain and second half Germany or the other way round? Only football betters would get my meaning.

Well, for those who are thinking of placing bets but can't seem to decide either, Paul, the Oracle Octopus has picked Spain. What a traitor, considering that Paul, the octopus IS German!

For those who are clueless of this supposedly FAMOUS octopus, Paul has successfully predicted all five of Germany's games this World Cup, thus being hailed a psychic, an oracle and what not. Google it and you'll find many links.

How does such a "miracle" work you ask? Well, click on the video below or read THIS article to know more or The Six Faced Blogger's account on it. =)

Many are hoping that perhaps Paul had an off day just like when he mispredicted Germany to win the final Euro 2008 against Spain.

Despite Paul's predictions, Mr. C and I will be cheering "GERMANY... GOAL! GOAL! GOAL!" all the way.

My question is- what is Paul, the GERMAN octopus' destiny IF *touch wood* (that's if you're superstitious) Germany's fate is as predicted by Paul??!!

As cliche as it may sound, only time will tell.


kenwooi said...

in 2008, the octopus predict the match wrongly between spain and germany.. if karma plays it role, this might be wrong too =P

goingkookies said...

that's what us, GERMANY fans HOPE for!! =) who u support?

Anonymous said...

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