Tuesday, July 20, 2010

RECIPE : Asam Laksa... the Kookie Way

Several weeks ago, Mr. C was craving for some Asam Laksa and hence, we bought the necessary ingredients and made our very own. It's really simple!

#1 - Asam Laksa powder pack

This asam pack was bought from Malaysia as you can see for RM4. I am sure they have it in Sunny Bank or Chinatown, just have to go hunt for it. It is pretty simple to make the Asam Laksa soup and with this pack, it has the instructions for you to follow.

#2 - 450gm of chopped onions.

You can opt to slice them dice them- according to your preference. Just be prepared for your eyes to sting and to shed loads of tears. The things I do for Mr. C. =p Should have worn my goggles.

#3- Mint leaves

I don't fancy this at all but Mr. C does. Of course you see it whenever an authentic Asam Laksa is served as it adds to the dishes' flavour but it's optional according to one's preference.

#4 - Pineapple
We bought the ones in tin as it is cheaper to do so. However, we only used half the tin and kept the rest to make Konnyaku Jelly that I blogged about previously.

#5- Tapioca noodles!

We found this at Fresh Food,
Sunnybank Plaza Shopping Centre Access, at the carpark near The Red Hot Cube.

#6- Sardine!

This is the main ingredient in Asam Laksa!! I love my asam laksa soup to be thick with fish pieces and the tomato sauce in this sardine can adds taste to the soup.

Whilst I was cutting, slicing and chopping the above ingredients, Mr. C poured the pack of asam laksa powder into the boiling water and added the 450gms of onions and left it to bowl for a bit. He, later then added in the can of sardines and let the mixtures continue to boil on high flame.

Squeeze some lime/lemon for added sour taste and perhaps a pinch of salt and sugar. This is all basically according to one's taste.

Meanwhile, I placed the pineapples, shredded cucumbers, sliced onions and some red hot chilly on to a plate. These will serve as the garnishing on top each bowl of asam laksa.

Boil some hot water, place the tapioca noodles in it to soften. Then, drain them and place it in a bowl. Next, add the asam laksa soup and add the garnishing on top and...

VOILA!!! There you have it.

I like mine plain minus the mint leaves and red chilli.

Don't forget to get prawn paste- it's brownish in colour (cantonese ha go). This is to sweeten the sour asam laksa soup and give it a more wholesome taste. You can buy this paste at any Asian grocer. We got it from Fresh Food at Sunnybank- seems to be our current favourite grocer for now.

Best to eat this during winter. Leaves you sweaty warm and makes you sniffle as evidenced by the above tissues. Even the P-man loved it! =)

Whilst we were cooking our asam laksa, the Perempuan cooked Korean dumpling in soup and gave us several pieces. It was really yummilicious especially when you eat it hot on an empty stomach!

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FlairCandy said...

Oh WOW! I tried Asam Laksa in Malaysia a year ago, my friends brought me to this laksa place... I missed it ever since!

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

WoW~ i have never thought of cooking asam laksa at home. BTW, ur asam laksa looks like the one in restaurants~ very presentable ^^

goingkookies said...

Flair CANDY: It's really not that difficult. If you're ever in Brisbane, give a holler and I'll cook some for u =)

MsXeRoz Nicole: haha.. me too.. but the bf loves it.. thanks!! Garnishing is thanks to the bf.. it tastes nice to but still needs some tweaking to make it awesome! =)

Alicsta said...

Oh WOW! I tried Asam Laksa in Malaysia a year ago, my friends brought me to this laksa place... I missed it ever since!

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