Saturday, July 10, 2010

Book OCDness

Mr. C and I went to Borders at Garden City Mall few Mondays back to read some books and free trashy magazines. When I first came to Australia for holidays in 2007, I was hooked on trashy, gossipy magazines that I would part with my precious money just to buy them. One magazine can range from AUD3-5. This is only for the gossip ones and not counting Harper's Bazaar, Cleo, Vogue etc that costs close to AUD10 or some, even more!

I have come to realised that it's not worth paying said amount for just a few pages worth of so-called-news and scoops on other people's life, some which are probably not true but just sensationalised. Not if I can read it for free. So, there we were at Borders. But I didn't read any in the end, was too busy browsing through photography and wedding magazines

Anyways, I was surprised that Mr. C bought for me this box set of 3 books that was on offer for the price of AUD19.99!! He knows how I love to read and I guess it seemed like a pretty good deal- 3 books for the price of 1 or less. So far, I have finish reading five books- Me and my shadow, Rescue Me, Chasing Harry Winston (same author as The Devil Wears Prada- Lauren Weisberger), Fifth Avenue and Carrie Diaries (by Candace Bushnell who also wrote Lipstick Jungle and famous Sex and the City)

When it comes to books, I tend to be a sucker for nice book covers. Of course, I do hope that the contents of the book will be as good and as worth it. I was sooo excited about this buy but when I tore open the plastic covering, I found to my dismay that...

The side of the box was torn!!!

Besides that, there were dried gum stains on the second book!

Not only that, the first book was creased!!

However, the good thing about Australia is that...
- if you do not like the product that you have bought, OR
- if the product doesn't fit or is faulty or damaged

You can...
- either ask for a refund, OR
- swap for something else with equal value or more and top up; OR
- just change for a new one!

And that's what Mr. C and I did. We went back few days later, on a Wednesday and got a new set! The lady was really nice about it. They ALL are. Well, most Queenslanders are. Cheers!!

Update: After much "taking care" of my book, I accidentally bend the front cover of the second book and my heart has been aching ever since. =( After all that trouble of changing for a newly uncreased one, I bent it. *sigh* Klutzy me.

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JoYce said...

I love books too. In fact..i read too much hence my specs. Hehe..

goingkookies said...

awww... i m fortunately blessed with good eye sight despite many years of reading under my blanket with a torchlight =p

k0k s3n w4i said...

they got pretty much the same policy in kinokuniya KLCC. when i find a book which i wanted but it's the only copy left - and it's slightly damaged - i can get a discount for it. i suppose if any book u want there is the last one in stock, u can "damage" it just a little to get the discount, not that i do such heinous things, of course.

i'm just as lucky as you when it comes to our eyesight. i prefer reading in dim, muted environments; i find it less taxing on my eyes. and i read A LOT. till date, i still don't need corrective glasses. just went for a free eye check-up, in fact :)

Queen of Babble said...

Yay for chick lit! Although I'm not a huge fan of Lauren Weisberger, her books are just okay for me.

The first time I'm getting to see the "whole shoe" from her book covers though! Cause there's always only half a shoe on the paperback covers... if you know what I mean :P

goingkookies said...

kok sen wai: really?i never knew that! haha to ur last sentence =p

queen of babble: her books are just alright ish.. typical chick lit.. but something to read before is leep =)