Thursday, July 15, 2010

Spits and Spats

I wonder what they argue about. I really do. It's not because I am kaypoh (Hokkien word for busy body) but all these yelling and crying and the frequency of it cannot be healthy for their relationship and what more to say the little life growing in her womb!

Just last night, they argued and now, I wanted to go down to watch Master Chef on tivo but they're arguing at the dining table, hence, I had no choice but to u-turned up the stairs. As we walked back from TAB last night, she yelled rather loudly, shrugged off her hubby's arm and stomped off. What was the matter... we still don't know. Because everything said is in Korean!

This past few weeks, the argument has been rather frequent. Sometimes, it scares me. Hearing the raised voices, the tears. We sympathise with the P man, as we call him. To be emasculated in such a manner. In front of us. Whenever I am angry at Mr. C, I would never blow my top in front of his friends, my friends or our family. I do it in private.

It would seem that not too long ago Mr. C and I would have our major blows. But now, everything is alright. We don't argue much. We get upset at each other every now and then, over small little things like me, being absorbed with my blog and plurk and not spending enough time with him and me driven crazy with him needing my attention every single second, I kid you not!

But it's alright. I am adapting but I do get lonely every once in awhile, pining for my Edward, my family and my friends. Trying not to procrastinate and move on but am failing miserably. At least, we don't argue. Not like them. Not anymore.

Now, to sneak down and see if they're still there. Master Chef, HERE I COME!!!

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