Friday, July 30, 2010

Teetotaler Thursday

I must say, I had doubts about today. I mean, who wouldn't if they woke up to horrendous itches signifying yet another bouts of dreadful rashes. Hurriedly had my shower but in the midst of my glorious bath, my eyes started to ITCH! YES! MY FRIGGING EYES!!!

I mean, COME ON!! Seriously. Having this on and off unbearable rashes for the past few months has been a real pain. Body is one thing but the eyes??!!! Anyways, I resisted the urge to rub them and it slowly subsided.

Do not fancy the new Villa & Hut tables and chairs at Carindale Mall.

Besides that untoward incident, today has been a rather productive day. I vacuumed, washed clothes, bedsheets and bathroom mats. Tea break over a Chai Latte and Cajun Spice with Mr. C in between his work.

Silly me. After close to three months of inhabitation in Carindale, Brisbane, I only became a library member today just right before I am headed home to summer-all-year-long Malaysia. Had an awesome time book shopping and borrowed 12 items! It's like I died and went to book heaven. You're probably wondering how am I going to read ALL those books right??! No sweat. I have a plan.

I gleefully passed by Mr. C's shop to show him my babies and then went home
exuberantly with my 'babies'- books and groceries.

Unfortunately, Mr. Sun refused to grace me with his sunny rays and instead, Ms. Gloomy Skies made an appearance. The moisture in the air did not help one bit with the drying of my washed clothes from yesterday and neither did it help with the bed sheets hung out to dry in the morning. Hence, I made a trip to the dryer's and put my two dollar's worth of tumble in the dryer.

Whilst waiting for the sheets and clothes to dry, I enjoyed a long overdue chat with my brother. Yes, long distance, I know. Am currently using LEBARA and it's only 3cents per minute to call back home- landline (meaning house phone) and 5cents per minute to call mobile. It used to be 1cent per minute though. Dang! Julia Gillard's fault! Nah. Kidding. *hehe*

Anyways, once my clothes were dried, I drove slightly further down to 7Eleven and bought a Slurpee for Mr. C. Thought it would make a wonderful surprise- rewarding him, after his hard day of labour. Went home, line the sheets back on the bed, folded the clothes and put them away.

My, I do sound rather domesticated. Wonder if that's good or bad.

Picture taken from HERE.

Anyways, as I was putting a little something for dinner, Mr. C came home and we had dinner as Barney Stintson entertained me for two episodes worth of 'HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER proceeded by Courtney Cox, amusing me with for the next hour with her antics in 'COUGAR TOWN. SO going to miss watching them both for that next couple of months!

Picture taken from HERE.

And now, here I am, writing this in the most wittiest, me way possible and it's time to say goodnight folks! May tomorrow be a free-from-rashes day. Pweety please, I implore to the high heavens. Sweet dreams peeps!

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