Friday, July 23, 2010

Cuppa Coffee at Michel Patisserie's

Last month, on one of the days Mr. C had a day off, we decided to head to Michel Patisserie at Carindale Mall for a cup of coffee. Seeing that we have a coupon for 'Buy one cup of coffee and cake- receive a complimentary cup of coffee and cake', we decided to have just that.

Our lattes with no design on them! Bummer. I love to see different coffee shops and how they present their coffee. Some baristas are pros at making lovely designs ie fern leaf on the froth. Some are just plain lazy and simply can't be bothered.

I saw a magazine few weeks back with a coffee on the front cover with a swan design on the froth! Now, that takes skills.

Mr. C does a pretty decent design on his coffees too! He was rather indignant when I initially labeled this Kooky Pic as some other coffee shop's coffee. *hehe* My bad.

Here in Australia, they usually don't put sugar in. Hence, it's up to you to put in how many sachets of sugar to your preference. I still prefer Malaysia's Nescafe. Somehow, the coffee here tends to taste bland to my taste buds. But it really depends on the beans used by each coffee shop and how the drink is made by the barista.

Mr. C seems to be a good one. Just today, when I was sitting at a table near to the cashier playing Blackjack on his Iphone. I tell you, it's highly addictive! Whilst I was into my bet, I heard a lady call out to him saying, "Thank you for your coffee! It was really lovely! You make good coffee!".

This isn't the first time someone has said that. Everyone constantly sings his praises. And sometimes, it is hard for me to bring him back down to planet Earth and straighten him out. He's a great guy but when it comes to certain things, he just makes me want to clobber him. Then again, most relationships are like that. =)

And it serves as a gentle reminder to be appreciative of his good qualities and praise him for them. Even after being together for 10 years, we still have a lot to learn to grow in our relationship.

I can't remember the above chocolate cake's name but I liked it! Mr. C preferred the Caramel mud cake though and hence, we swapped cakes. Overall, for a "buy two for the price of one" tea time, I reckon Michel Patisserie was alright.

It was more the concept of being able to sit, relax, have a hearty conversation over a cup of coffee that appealed to me. Villa & Hut's Chai Lattes is still on my top list of must have drinks!

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