Saturday, July 24, 2010

Jason Derulo... HERE I COME!!

This came in two weeks back...

Who else would have sent me an official looking post??!

WOOHOO!! MY JD tickets are here!!!

Many people would probably have gone for many concerts by the time they are the same age as I am now. Even my geeky ex-colleague has been to many and even clubbing!! Which is not what I can say for myself, sadly.

The only concert by a famous group that I've been to is All American Rejects when they came to Malaysia last year but even then, it didn't really felt like an actual concert. Maybe I have too high expectations. Or just maybe because it was free.

In case you have no idea who Jason Derulo is, here's a picture for you to see. He isn't exactly someone you would swoon over based on his looks, well, not for me BUT he really is talented! If you don't recall his name or who he is, you would definitely have heard of his acclaim hit songs- Watcha say, Riding Solo, In my head and so on.

Picture taken from HERE.

He may only be 22 years old and yet has many achievements under his belt. He's an American singer, song writer, dancer and actor, currently on tour to promote his album titled 'Jason Derulo'.

Whilst most of us were busy dealing with puberty and what not, JD with intentions of becoming a solo performer one day, has been writing songs for famous artiste such as P.Diddy, Danity Kane and Sean Kingston, to name a few at the tender age of 16.

Picture taken from HERE.

Based on his music videos, he's got some good songs and suave moves and definitely looks like a worthy concert to go for. So, here's finger crossing for the ultimate concert experience in November! And not forgetting, many thanks and kisses to the awesome Mr. C for the early birthday gift!! =)

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