Sunday, July 4, 2010

RECIPE : Konnyaku Jelly... the Kookie way.

Ever since I read in 3iling's blog on her dappling with Konnyaku Jelly, the outcome of such attractive little jellies inspired me to make some. It was as if I was hooked. Her jellies LOOK amazing, I tell you!

Firstly, I went hunting for the konnyaku jelly powder and I tell you, it was not an easy task. Woolies (it's a shorter word for Woolworths) and IGA Carindale mall did not sell it and neither did Yuen's at Sunnybank!

But finally, just two weeks back, my aunt mentioned about Fresh farms, an asian supermarket that sells fresher food as compared to Yuen's. Hence, Mr. C and I headed to get our Asam Laksa ingredients and lo and behold....

I found the jelly powder!!

It is really easy to make this desert. I reckon if you purchase a jelly powder pack, it'll come with instructions at the back which is what I followed. This jelly powder brand is good as it comes premixed with sugar and also malic acid. Super convenient!

I was looking high and low for kiwi seeds as per 3iling's recommendation but just couldn't find it anywhere. Maybe it's called something else over here. Perhaps, I should put black sesame seed or poppy seed next time.

Step 1: Place fruits into the jelly mould.

For my first attempt, I used a can of longan, strawberries, pineapple and cut cubes of apple and pear. It was a tad too much of fruits. Another thing to note is, DON'T use pears and apples as when you bite into the jelly, it tends to be too crunchy and doesn't go so well with it.

Usually, using two fruits for each mold is sufficient. The second time I made Konnyaku Jelly, I used lychee (it tastes better than longan IMHO), strawberries and grapes. It was perfect!

The batch I made last night consisted of lychee, grapes and oranges. The orange was juicy but I prefer to pop it straight into my mouth. It doesn't go well with the jelly.

Step 2: Pour jelly powder into a pot and slowly mix it together with 1250ml of water whilst stirring to ensure no lumps are formed.

Step 3: Once done, place the pot over the stove and put fire on high until the mixture starts boiling. Do stir occasionally. Initially, the liquid is thick but as the mixture continues to boil, it becomes more viscous, making it easier to stir.

Step 4: As mixture starts to boil, put it on low fire for three minutes.

Step 5: After three minutes, pour the mixture into the moulds and let it set. Best to let it set in the fridge and serve it cold.

End results, one pack of jelly powder can serve approximately 28-32 pieces of jelly, depending on the size of your mould though!

Jelly Powder = AUD3.50 (Fresh Farms at Sunnybank)
Can of Lychee/longan = AUD1.99 (Fresh Farms at Sunnybank)
Strawberries = AUD 3.99 (Woolies at Carindale but that was on special PLUS I only used half)
Total cost approximately = AUD7.50

Mr C. just commented that each jelly costs AUD0.25 and that means every time any of the housemate eats a jelly, it equates to losing 5 points in Go Stop! What a riot!

A fast, affordable and easy desert to cook! You can't go wrong with this desert, that's for sure!


kenwooi said...

i made it before.. quite interesting, especially putting the ingredients into the mould.. haha =)

Fumoffu said...

Sunnybank :)

How's life in Brissie?

Kathlynn said...

haha. i jus made konnyaku jelly last weekend, wat a coincident. but, unlike urs, i failed misrably. yeah, i know, how can i fail in something that is almost fail-proof? haha

goingkookies said...

kenwooi: yeah. experimenting with diff fruits right... how was the outcome?? yummy?

fumoffu: life is alright but i guess i miss my friends =) how r u girl? better?

kathlynn: oooh.. perhaps u bought a diff kind of jelly powder? haha.. well, i guess nothing really ever is fail proof=p no worries.. better luck next time.

u must have just been busy and occupied with loads on ur mind

PoisonKagero said...

Pretty! Random thought: I wonder how would durian taste like with konnyaku? LOL.

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