Thursday, July 15, 2010

Of this and that

It's one of those days where I just feel like a slug. A day where all I want to do is curl up in bed and sleep. Sleep my life away. Ok. That sounds depressive. But anyway, the kind of day where Ijust want to do squat. Not to say that I am doing much these days anyway. Where all is doom and gloomy. Perhaps it's friends withdrawal syndrome.

My day felt slightly better after ringing up my mother. She apparently expects me to call her everyday. She's funny like that. *faint* She said people are concerned about me and I asked, "Who is people?" to which she just said, "You can just call for a few minutes and say how you are".

Guess she just wants to hear my merdu (Malay word for sweet, melodious) voice. *snickers*

People wtf but I snicker and faint.

Whilst waiting for Mr. C to start his break, I took some random shots.

Random #1 - Ladies in boots. Different shapes.

Random #2 - Villa and Hut has their own news letter. Wowee... Now, if only they would advertise their shop more.

Random #3 - Priceline. Bought my Vidal Sassoon curling tongs for less than AUD20 and loving it!

Random #4 - The kind of water bottle you can't find here that I got from home, Malaysia.

Random #5 - Lunch at 3.30pm. My meal times are somewhat screwed up here. I eat at all times.
Random #6 - I wish to BE styled. Anyone want to help? Leggings ARE the rage now.

Random #7 - My vanilla chai latte.... made with love by the Barista King (dubbed by his manager)- Mr. C!

After his break, I went to Woolies to get some strawberries (AUD3.50) for my Konnyaku Jelly tonight and ended up with that and a pack of Mars Chocoliate for AUD1.99 (specials now!!), oranges and 6 cinnamon donuts for 99cents!! Walked over to Fancee Fruits and saw that strawberries were going for AUD1.99! Urgghh!! Should've gotten them there instead. *Bangs head*

Anyways, bought a kiwi fruit for 69cents and trudged home. Told Perempuan (Mr. C and I call her that, don't ask why) about the price difference and she told me that I can go back to Woolies and ask for a refund! That's the awesome thing about Australia. You can return goods you don't like that are still in good condition,
and get CASH back (or whatever method you paid the goods in). But I am too lazy to get a refund, as I want to use it tonight to make some jellies.

After unpacking everything and putting them in the shelf and fridge, I decided to skip exercising (any excuse just so that i don't have to jog) again and test out the Vidal Sassoon curling tongs I bought early on in the week.

Random #8 - BEFORE, with straight hair.

Random #9 - AFTER, with twirls and curls.

Random #10 - Alright for my first DIY curls. Loving my VS curling tong.

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