Thursday, July 22, 2010

Are you FOR the death penalty or AGAINST?

Yesterday, I got this site off my cousin's MSN status, thinking that it was his blog but it was about saving this 22 year old Malaysian, Yong Vui Kong who was sentenced death for drug trafficking into Singapore. The only way he can escape the hangman's noose is only IF the Singapore President grants him clemency.

It's not very clear exactly as to how guilty this guy is. From what I read, it seems that he was young and naive at 19, carrying something for his 'Big Brother' and whether he really knew what he was carrying is something only he and those involve knows. And the poor guy does sound like he's had rotten luck, coming from a broken home and with a trauma happening to his sister leading to his mother being unstable and attempting suicide and now this.

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So, the site and various others are trying to get people to petition for this young man to be saved from death. But the question remains is that, should he be hanged?

Of course, IF he is innocent, yeah sure. Rather grossly unjust to hang an innocent person. after all. Whatever it was, he was caught carrying drugs into Singapore obviously for drug trafficking reasons.

Read HERE and HERE for more information and updates.

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And straight off the hat, my first reaction was he should be hanged! I mean, one life sentenced to death as an example set to other drug traffickers. One life sacrificed to save the many other lives that may succumb to the temptation and pitfalls of drug use.

BUT some of you may say, doesn't he deserve a second chance? Everyone does... right?

Well, it's very subjective. On one hand, as a concerned individual, drugs are harmful if used abusively which is majority of the time and by allowing him off, it's like saying that it's ok to bring drugs in, there will be no dire consequences nor repercussions and yet, on the other hand, to hang a person, up to his or her last breath, for life to end with the tightening of a rope- it's like chicken slaughter. Definitely not a nice exit from this world and think about the anguish it will bring to his family.

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My thoughts are very simplistic and there are MANY arguments about the death penalty and from all sorts of angles... human rights, inhumane, what happens if the person is innocent, so on and so forth but to every thought, there is an action. And to every action there are consequences for taking said actions. So, if I had to be tough and think of the greater good, I would be FOR the death penalty.

Bear in mind, I am only FOR the death penalty if the person is GUILTY. Then again, some would argue that some people can be rehabilitated and that is true. Perhaps death penalty for second arrest for drug trafficking seems more reasonable. Once is a mistake, twice and more is definitely a bad decision made and someone has to be accountable.

WHAT do you think?
Are you FOR or AGAINST the death penalty?


TOLANIC said...

Put in the jail forever also against the human rights. I think it is worse than death penalty.

Jack Ng said...

death or whole life in jail oso the worst nitemare ever ... of course everone deserve a second chance ... but hope they make sure the guy is really innocent b4 judging .... :D

Munn said...

Drugs ruin our life, but i think he deserves a second chance? :x

Jack Ng said...

honestly , cant say 1 side geh ... i mean ... drug ruin ppl's life . but if the ppl dun take , how can drug ruin the person's life ?! ppl say "if no ppl sell , no ppl take , but opposite , no ppl take , then who will sell ?" plus , the meaning of 2nd chance would b refer to this guy , if he is really innocent , ( as many case tat i heard ppl kena cheat bring drug ) so ... should have chance ...