Sunday, May 27, 2012

Loving neighbours


I truly and absolutely love flowers and Aunt M spoils me much in that regard. Not that I am complaining. ;p The above beautiful pale purple roses greeted my sister and I when we arrived back from Sydney last weekend. And the above orchids in a unique arrangement arrived on Friday courtesy of The Neighbours. 

And the other day, when my sister was out with the Uncle and Aunt at St Kilda, he bought for me a chocolate baci below from Le Bon Continental Cake Shop, a shop earning 4 stars on Urbanspoon. The thoughtfulness is touching.

Tonight, we were all treated to dinner in Hilton on the Park in the CBD. I had Lamb Shank and Mr. C had a medium rare Scotch Fillet. The food wasn't that great considering Hilton's world wide reputation  but the company was what mattered. It is nice to feel spoilt every once in awhile and have my own personal Santa. Don't you wish you had one too? ;p
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Thursday, May 24, 2012

I want a Charlie!

It has been ages since I last saw Sal. I reckon since J & G's visit here which was in mid March. Gosh! It is really scary how time flies these days. One moment it's a new year, and the next, half the year is gone! And see what happens after two months of NOT seeing her, she went and bought herself a dog! A cutesie King Charles Cavalier named Charlie! 

He is too pretty to be a 'he' that I kept referring to it as a 'she'. LOL.

Mr . C and I have been longing to have a dog as we grew up with a dog each in our own childhood. However, it is not cheap and realistic in our current situation. #1 I don't think my landlord is big on pets on his property especially in the house and #2 I don't have a paying job just yet meaning financially not so feasible and #3 Did you know that buying a dog here can cost AUD600 and even more depending what species. What more to say about vaccination, puppy school and what not.

When your doggie gets sick and takes a ages to get well, you'll have to bring him to a vet and vets here charge a fair bit and guess what? Dogs DON'T have medicare. So, yup, no part payment! In fact, seeing a vet is probably more expensive than a visit to the doctor.

If you go on holidays, you either have to bring your cute little (big) one with you or  put it in the custody of someone trustworthy. And not forgetting, some apartments or units do not allow pets and so do some landlords.

Comparing the dogs here and those in Malaysia, dogs here are generally well behaved. I reckon it is an Aussie culture (or rather a Western Culture) to walk ones dog on a regularly basis. It seems that dogs go for walks everyday and some lucky ones get to go out two to three times a day!

And over here, people don't put their dogs in a cage. I reckon some find it inhuman. However, in Malaysia, most people do so. Over here, dogs are treated more like family than a mere pet. 

Charlie managed to pee twice in the house much to Mr. C's chagrin. Once on the tiles and another time, the carpet. Lol. Wonder if this shows Sal's parenting skills. Cheeky me for pointing that out eh. If it was my own puppy, I would have trained it by smacking it for doing so. Oh well, that's the thing when dog or child does not belong to one, you don't get to train it your way.  

Besides the pee parties, Charlie behaved immaculately well. He was adorable and have the softest fur and the doleful-less eyes that just says love me. As much as we want a dog in our lives, Mr . C and I have decided that we will have one only when we have our own home or when we have children.

Til then... Charlie will have my undivided attention whenever he comes to visit.
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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Another Wednesday

It's been ages since I last blog. Of late, I seem to have lost the mojo to blog. Perhaps too many not-so-personal posts. I reckon I blog and write better when I am emotional which is usually when life isn't going right. So, I guess it is good that I haven't had 'emo' posts in awhile. Then again, it doesn't mean that all is rosey in Estherville. Lols.

My lunch today from Tasty Trucks AUD5.90 - roast beef with tomatoes, onions, carrots and cucumber with cheese

Had a short walk around the compound which is what Aussies do when the opportunity presents itself

Sat in the beautifully simple pergola and enjoyed the breeze

As I've not been able to secure a full time job, I've volunteered to work part time at a non-profit organisation. Volunteer being the operative word for non-paying. ;p It's not related to my line of work that is accounting but I am alright with it, for now.

SuQ who oversees me is a really lovely lady and has been extremely kind with her praises. This job is an easy transition back to working life. Yeah sure, it is a non paying job but nevertheless, it is work. And over here in Australia, volunteer work is highly looked up upon. Doesn't hurt that it helps with filling up my resume.

I reckon that God really has a plan for me to be here. I can't tell you how I know but I just do. The story of how I came to be in this position is interesting and some people might put it to pure coincidence but I put it as God's hands at work.  So far, despite my struggle to wake up the mornings I have to work, it has been good. I hope I can really be a blessing to those around me as I have been blessed.

Homemade sausage rolls and puffs AND sticky date pudding!!
On a different note, it has come to my attention that packing lunch from home and short walks about one's office compound is part of the Aussie culture. Of course, if one works in the shopping centre or certain offices that is confined, then people don't go for walks. Mr. C and his colleagues do walk occasionally and as far as I know, Sal does, too.

As for lunch pack, half of my current colleagues pack lunch from home and so does Mr. C's colleagues. This really is a way to save money.

Toodles for now.

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May has arrived

#1 Ruthie getting a haircut

#2 Home cooked black sauced roast chicken with fried cabbage and baked beans with eggs

#3 Us cooking beef rendang that was delicious!

#4 Ruthie's silent retreat at Campions in Kew

#5 Beautiful lavender with buzzing bees

#6 Mr. C cooked up his own concoction of roast chicken with capsicums and tomatoes
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