Thursday, May 24, 2012

I want a Charlie!

It has been ages since I last saw Sal. I reckon since J & G's visit here which was in mid March. Gosh! It is really scary how time flies these days. One moment it's a new year, and the next, half the year is gone! And see what happens after two months of NOT seeing her, she went and bought herself a dog! A cutesie King Charles Cavalier named Charlie! 

He is too pretty to be a 'he' that I kept referring to it as a 'she'. LOL.

Mr . C and I have been longing to have a dog as we grew up with a dog each in our own childhood. However, it is not cheap and realistic in our current situation. #1 I don't think my landlord is big on pets on his property especially in the house and #2 I don't have a paying job just yet meaning financially not so feasible and #3 Did you know that buying a dog here can cost AUD600 and even more depending what species. What more to say about vaccination, puppy school and what not.

When your doggie gets sick and takes a ages to get well, you'll have to bring him to a vet and vets here charge a fair bit and guess what? Dogs DON'T have medicare. So, yup, no part payment! In fact, seeing a vet is probably more expensive than a visit to the doctor.

If you go on holidays, you either have to bring your cute little (big) one with you or  put it in the custody of someone trustworthy. And not forgetting, some apartments or units do not allow pets and so do some landlords.

Comparing the dogs here and those in Malaysia, dogs here are generally well behaved. I reckon it is an Aussie culture (or rather a Western Culture) to walk ones dog on a regularly basis. It seems that dogs go for walks everyday and some lucky ones get to go out two to three times a day!

And over here, people don't put their dogs in a cage. I reckon some find it inhuman. However, in Malaysia, most people do so. Over here, dogs are treated more like family than a mere pet. 

Charlie managed to pee twice in the house much to Mr. C's chagrin. Once on the tiles and another time, the carpet. Lol. Wonder if this shows Sal's parenting skills. Cheeky me for pointing that out eh. If it was my own puppy, I would have trained it by smacking it for doing so. Oh well, that's the thing when dog or child does not belong to one, you don't get to train it your way.  

Besides the pee parties, Charlie behaved immaculately well. He was adorable and have the softest fur and the doleful-less eyes that just says love me. As much as we want a dog in our lives, Mr . C and I have decided that we will have one only when we have our own home or when we have children.

Til then... Charlie will have my undivided attention whenever he comes to visit.
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