Sunday, May 27, 2012

Loving neighbours


I truly and absolutely love flowers and Aunt M spoils me much in that regard. Not that I am complaining. ;p The above beautiful pale purple roses greeted my sister and I when we arrived back from Sydney last weekend. And the above orchids in a unique arrangement arrived on Friday courtesy of The Neighbours. 

And the other day, when my sister was out with the Uncle and Aunt at St Kilda, he bought for me a chocolate baci below from Le Bon Continental Cake Shop, a shop earning 4 stars on Urbanspoon. The thoughtfulness is touching.

Tonight, we were all treated to dinner in Hilton on the Park in the CBD. I had Lamb Shank and Mr. C had a medium rare Scotch Fillet. The food wasn't that great considering Hilton's world wide reputation  but the company was what mattered. It is nice to feel spoilt every once in awhile and have my own personal Santa. Don't you wish you had one too? ;p
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KCY said...

the roses are really beautiful!!

snoopy said...
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goingkookies said...

kcy : yes, they are! but they're starting to wilt now :(