Sunday, January 30, 2011

Canon in D Rock version by Hidenori

Kooky PIcs #415 Stick Jesus

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Note to self

This is in regards to a particular someone... I love you but you really make it hard to these days. My theory is that aliens abducted the real you and replaced you with an irrational, hurtful robot!

Little things to try to remember and hopefully... this CNY will be a pleasant one.

1. Be positive and not let other's negativity bring me down!

2. Keep opinions to self when all rational conversation is OBVIOUSLY not possible. EVER!

3. Stay strong and not cower or back down from my stand.

4. Do whatever that I can- that is within my capabilities and strength.

5. Input anything that is good but NEVER let any negative vibes penetrate!

6. Less venting despite the need to let go and a certain someone making it really hard.

7. Keep reminding self that despite certain people's words and actions, they love me and vice versa.

8. Appreciate the little things in life and the little things people do irregardless of how insignificant it may seem to be.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Otak Otak Place at 1Utama

This is definitely one LONG overdue post.

Early in 2010 before I came to Brisbane, my mother, brother and I were shopping at 1 Utama Mall in Petaling Jaya and decided to try out the Otak- otak Place. I'll let the pictures do the talking.

What I liked about the place is that - the deco, the menu, the food presentation - all of it brings back memories. It brought me back to primary school life feel.

The cover of the menu was in exercise book style that we used to have in school including the back portion that consisted of multiplication table and Rukun Negara (Malay words for National Principles).

Front of menu

Back part of the menu

Inside the 'exercise book' laying out what food was offered

Simple deco and nice ambiance

Mummy's order - teh that came with a cracker

Card game!

With instructions on how to play

Overall, the food tasted authenticly nice and the tiffin was a nice touch of presentation. However, the food was just your average coffee shop meal that comes with a higher price tag. It's like how William's mamak in Taman Mayang feels like a high class mamak.

It's alright to hop in Otak-Otak once in awhile or perhaps, only when they're having special offers. For me, I would rather head over to Kluang station for my mee siam!

Once again, this is just my humble thoughts.

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Kooky Pics #406 Just another day

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Why do guys cheat on their girlfriends

I read this off last week and decide that it's really relevant in our today world where promiscuity and infidelity is no longer as taboo as it seems and decided to share it here and give my two cents worth.

The below was the question asked and the answer from a Panama Jackson.


Why do guys in serious long-term relationships (2 yrs+) cheat on their girlfriends? Why not just break up first?

Panama Jackson's take... from a guy's perspective.

It's time for a little honesty and some things you don't want to hear that you won't like. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeere we go.

A guy in a long-term relationship will cheat on his girl and not break up with her because he doesn't want to lose her. He wants to sleep with other women that he has no intention of doing anything else with aside from boinking and then come back to you, the woman he actually loves. Now one might say, how can you truly love somebody and cheat on them. And you'd be right to ask that question. I think a lot of men have this uncanny ability to completely compartmentalize their emotional and physical needs.

Not that it's right. Be clear, I'm not saying it's right.

This dude can go sleep with a woman and have not one iota of emotional connection to her. She is merely fulfilling his desire to bed another woman or fulfil some physical need he's not getting at home.

Once again, that doesn't make it right or okay.

Whereas most women aren't able to separate the two (wouldn't sleep with a man for whom no emotional connection existed) man men are able to do so with ease. It's a sad but true facet of manhood. I actually know some women who have said they were able to do so as well. I can't say that I believed them but they brought it to me on their own after admittedly cheating on their boyfriends.

At the end of the day, your guy wants to be with you for the long-haul probably and has the wherewithall to realize that throwing that away by breaking up is a bad idea. Of course, he's also cheating on you which if brought to light would result in the same conclusion, so its generally a bad idea to cheat on your significant other for any reason.

He just won't realize how much of a mistake he might be making until its too late for him to fix it.


My two cents worth on why they cheat...

#1 - They are itchy, horny bastards (sorry for the language and choice of words). However, sad but true.

#2 - They can't or rather refuse to control their urge. They have needs, as they love to use as an excuse.

#3 - They don't have the balls to break off 'cos they just want to play around and play the field. The more the merrier but why can't they do that and go home to their girl/wife? And that's what they think or rather... guys don't think. They just 'do', go with the flow. They want to tap the girl and yet, be able to go home to their woman.

#4 - Have I mentioned that people like that are just selfish? These days, it isn't just the men but also women. And only a person who can do this is just plain 'ol selfish.

#5 - Ok. To be fair, there are those who didn't plan to cheat or have such amorous intentions but find themselves in this prickly situation but it's only because they let themselves into the situation despite what they keep trying to tell themselves otherwise. Perhaps they feel 'not so in loved' anymore with their partner and feel 'excitement' or a rush for another

I am not here to judge anyone who has cheated on their bf/gf or partners 'cos hey, no one is perfect and especially me. However, I would like to advise those of you who feel like you're threading on dangerous grounds that might lead to cheating or are already there and yet feel a twinge of guilt, STOP RIGHT NOW whatever it is and stay away from that person!

He/ she isn't a real friend or person to be doing this with you, especially if they know you have a partner! The above regarding cheating is applicable to girls as well as apparently, it's pretty common for women to be doing the cheating.

How society has fallen.

Kooky Pics #405 Tall and mighty

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Happy 21st Jacobie !!

Just reached back from Toowong's Sizzler, celebrating my cousin's 21st birthday! Wow. How time flies. I remember when he was a little tot and I used to 'babysit' him and his sister. How I would feed them and shower them. Waitamin. I am only 5-6 years older. Gosh.

He sure was an adorable kid. Wonder why he's not that cute anymore. =p *hehe*

It was a small affair with just him, his sister, my aunt, Mr. C and I with three of my aunt's friends who's about my age and knows my cousins too! The food was really good but a tad pricey, if you're unemployed. I hear it's more worth it to go for the lunch deal.

For dinner, you can either pay AUD22.50 for the salad bar (this comes with salad spreads, pasta and deserts) or get the meal deals (of course, these mains cost more than AUD22.50) which includes the salad bar. We opt for the main meal deals 'cos for my Sizzling Grilled Chicken, it was AUD25+ where else Mr. C's Pork Ribs were AUD33+.

However, whilst waiting for our mains, we had helpings to the salad and pasta. On top of that, you get to order free cheesy toast and you can keep ordering as much as you can eat. They serve about 4-6 slices per plate. Even before the mains came, I was already full from the salad bar and cheesy toast but I just had to dig into my Sizzling Grilled Chicken after paying such an amount especially when Mr. C and I are on a tight budget!

It was nice to catch up after their trip home from Malaysia and the flood calamity.

My aunt also ordered an ice-cream cake that came with sparkles - known as King Cat, I think. The kind you play during CNY when you're not old enough to handle the more dangerous fire crackers-stuck in the cake in place of candles! Loved the crunchy smarties that flooded the cake.

Overall, was happy 'cos my aunt at the end paid us for the meal and also for helping her out with her job previously. She managed to close the deal and gave me a nice sum for helping out. It's not super a lot but a nice amount that I am grateful for, to tide us over this financial 'crisis'.

I couldn't help but reminisce about my 21st birthday party.

My birthday cake- Chocolate Indulgence from Secret Recipe where the 21st was misspelled.

Group photo... there was pictures of the other half group. Fashion PHAIL for the birthday girl! =p

My first two bouquets of my 21 life on planet earth- left from Mr. C and right from Uncle and family in Melbourne.

Look how the lilies on the right bouquet have bloomed. Few days later, they all wilted and died. That was the end of my ever wanting to receive flower bouquet as gifts.
A few stalks is alright but to bundles of them. It's too heart aching to watch them droop and die off.
Mr. C's gift to me.. flowers, teddy and a key necklace.

This was given to me by my petbrother all the way from the UK.

He was studying there and we were online chatting when he typed out, if I believed in gifts falling from the sky. He actually asked his friend to put the gift outside my house without me detecting him BUT my awesome dog was barking her head off at his intrusion, alerting me of his presence.

Anyways, I ended up trading the pink watch for this, much elegant, grown up watch.
You see, the friend didn't know what to get me and asked the Guess shop lady to recommend him a trendy watch, thus, the pink diamond watch.
Firstly, I am so NOT a pink girl 'cos I am a blue girl! And secondly, I had completed my degree, signalling the end of my student life and was venturing into the working world. Hence, a more "grown up" watch would be appreciated and the silver watch was deemed fitting. It was tough finding a watch to match the price of the pink one, I tell you.
Most of the ones that I like were under the price of the pink watch. Don't ask how much. Let's just say, the pink watch was rather pricey!
All in all, I really can't remember the exact details of the actual 21st birthday but parts of it, like the gifts above, will be forever branded in my memory.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Charice Pempengco on The Ellen DeGeneres Show (FULL!!!)

Last night, I was just watching clips after clips of this young, talented Phillipino that shot to stardom with her goosebumps inducing powerful voice - Charice Pempengco.

It's just amazing seeing this young girl singing from such a young age to holding out on her own, belting out super powerful songs sung by other equally powerful voices such as Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, to name a few and without going off pitch!

Great talent for one so young and tiny.

You should listen to her singing 'Listen' from Dream Girls in her appearance in Glee.

The above was good but her rendition below was even better... more strong. More powerful. I keep using the P word but seriously, I am at loss for words coupled with the constant bulu roma standing ovation every time I hear her sing, especially this song.

Beyonce sang it superbly in Dream Girls and Charice did it justice, if not excellent.

She held her notes, even the high and impossible ones. Believe me, I tried in karaoke only to fail miserably, falling flat on my face. =p I need to learn to sing the correct manner.

And I believe, this is one of the many reasons why we should train/teach our kids from an early age.

Kooky Pics #404 Hubby, the Leader

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The reason I love contests

Last Sunday, I saw that Nuffnang was giving out free tickets to watch The Green Hornet courtesy of Sony and I decided to join since I'll be back then.

Hoping and yet I couldn't help being a little skeptical that I would win seeing that Nuffnang was only giving out 70 pairs, plus I thought that my entry was kinda lame despite cracking my brain for some creative juices.

Besides, by the time I left my permalink, I was like the 90+ th commenter there.

Anyhow, I just checked my email and much to my pleasant surprise, guess what was awaiting me in my inbox??!

You guessed it!!

Two free tickets to watch The Green Hornet!! Can't wait to get hold of my mum to ask her out on a date with me!! =) Jay Chou better be up to scratch!

Kooky Pics #403 Lone Ranger

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