Thursday, January 6, 2011

Here's to 2011 and a sexy and nicer ME!

The people at have 7 easy resolutions for you to keep. Click if you're interested interested. If you're lazy to click, here's a breakdown for you. See if there is any you would like to add to your Reso 2011 list.

1. Be nicer to people
2. Stop social smoking
3. Quit tanning beds for good
4. Stop late night snacking
5. Don't go to bed angry
6. Floss your pearly whites more often
7. Eat less fat

Well, here's my list which I think is going to be hard to fulfill every single one BUT it's 2011, a year of trying... a year of change and a year of fulfillment, hopefully.

I wouldn't exactly call this a resolution list since the serious, couply one I have with Mr. C is tagged to the wall already... instead, for this list, I'll call it the to-do-list-for-2011.

So eleven to do's for the year eleven! =)

Since I am generally nice to people already. I'll try NOT to speak ill of people, especially a certain race. It's a tall order but I am going to keep all racist comments and thoughts to myself for 2011 and perhaps, banish them for good in 2012! =p

2. PUFF A STICK! or just a puff will do...
I don't smoke- social or not but I sure would like to try a ciggy (wonder what my mother would say if she knew). I want to be able to know what the taste and smell is like from a puffer's point of view. Why people smoke like chimneys when they know it's bad for their health. Hey, don't judge me 'cos I don't judge you. wahaha.. you must be thinking, what kind of list this is...

I have NO idea what it is with people's obsession with being tanned but for me, I'll be more discipline in my beauty regime. This is a toughie 'cos I only just found out what girls are supposed to do for their skin everyday- cleanse everyday and night, put on toner and slather after with moisteriser- and that's just the basics, not including serum, masks, sunblock and who knows what else!

So, I will facial cleanse day and night, put on toner and moisturiser everyday! Masks maybe once a week or every fortnight. DANG! Hopefully, I'll be able to remember this.

Definitely need to implement a no supper, no after 10pm snacking. If I get hungry, just drink bucket loads of water to drown the hunger pangs away.

Hmmm... so far, Mr. C and I never end the day being angry but I think what would be nice is if we could minimise our arguments or have healthy ones. So, this is me, trying to be a bigger person- putting my ego aside- I'll try to talk more civilisely without any sarcastic retorts and snide innuendos, 'cos as per Mr. C, I do that when I get upset and annoyed.

6. NO TO SUGAR! and CHOCOLATE! and ALL JUNK FOOD!! ok... NOT cold turkey no.. just lesser consumption!
Ooooh, cut down on fatty food. That means, only one cup of tea with milk a day. And if I've already had one, then I can have tea but WITHOUT milk. Besides that, I'll have to cut down my sugar to half a teaspoon per drink. Yuck. But I guess my tastebuds would just have to adapt. No more buying chocolates ie Tim Tams, Cadbury or Pods (even if they're on super duper specials! Ok ok. Maybe a concession for that is allowable)! Say goodbye to Bubbletea (BBT) to one cup a month.

Everyone wants to be a beautiful, sexy women!
(Correction... most woman)

And I am only allowed the occasional chocolate, BBT rewards IF I lose at least 1kg a month! That should be pretty doable right?

Swimming and jogging has got to be easier..

And besides, with jogging/swimming at least twice to three time a week, it seems feasible to lose my desired 10kgs by end 2011, in a healthy manner and in time for my wedding!

Slim and svelte Miss Korea 2006, Honey Lee

Always carry water with me, everywhere I go. So that I can drink water before I eat- to fill up my tummy, hence, making me feel full and eating lesser portions- and after I eat. This is so that I don't order my regular teh ais back home in Malaysia or make a cup of tea with milk for myself.

Not this kind of paint..

Travel somewhere besides where I usually am or go - Brisbane or Kuala Lumpur or Petaling Jaya or Genting or Cameron Highlands all does not count! Hmmm I can plan for my honeymoon to go somewhere perhaps Thailand or Bali!
This looks like fun though!

Brush up on my photography skills and that means reading more photography blogs, forums and magazines. Getting down and dirty with Mr. C's then, now mine Canon 400D though I do have my eyes on Sony's latest fella- Nex 5. Whatever it is, I am going to try and get out from 'auto' mode to fiddling with apertures and shutter speed to white balance and maybe, just maybe, one day I'll have more own version of Jenny Sun's ring flare shots!

No matter how I look and what shape and size I am in... at the end of the day, looks ISN'T everything!! =p

I think, most importantly, I hope to get my PR so that I can finally get a job. Hopefully one that I'll like/enjoy and is it too much to ask for it to pay well so that I can have my 'almost' dream wedding and vacation time, not forgetting hobbies! =)

ps: Trying out this 'smallest' font size. Wondering if this teensy one or my regular one looks better?!


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