Sunday, January 9, 2011

If I were the Green Hornet

Hi to all and sundry who visits this kookie blog that is usually filled with random ramblings and unoriginality, unfortunately. =p That's me, forever criticising myself. Mr. C says that he has never met anyone who is so hard on themselves.

*hehe* But that's not the post for the day.

Courtesy of Sony Pictures Entertainment Malaysia, Nuffnang is giving out tickets to watch Green Hornets to 70 super lucky Nuffnangers and their guest, three days before the movie is released in the cinemas.

Green Hornet

But we all know that nothing is free and even if there is, free things usually don't come without effort. =) If you want something, you gotta work for it, and what more to say free tickets!! But this contest isn't that difficult- one has to write a blog post on 'if I were a Green Hornet' and what would you do to stop crime.

Hence, the point of today's post. =p

Ok. Now that I am sitting down and racking my brain for some creative juice, I realised- it's not exactly easy.

If I were the Green Hornet, how would I fight crime? And what would I do?

Firstly, I have NO idea what is the Green Hornet's power or strength. Mobilise people with his erm.. sting?! Use Jay Chou, his sidekick to sing his enemies to an early demise? =p Secondly, why would anyone name themselves, the Green Hornet??!

Ok. I am getting a little carried away and out of point.

If I were the Green Hornet, this is what I would do...

#1 - Get a cool name for myself.
All superheroes have a superhero name ie. Superman, Spider-man, Wonder-woman, to name a few. So, instead of Green Hornet, how about, 'The Sting'? *wahahaha* or 'The Stinger' or 'Hornet-girl'. Gosh. People might mispronounce as Horny-girl. Yikes!

#2- Cool and flexible outfit.
It's not going to be ordered off the net like KickAss nor too advanced like IronMan's. It'll probably be some thing flexible, easy to move in and yet protects me from heat, cuts and the likes.

Ahem. This doesn't really look like a crime fighting outfit but more of a seducing one. =p Good idea actually to use a different tack- dazzle them with your ahem... assets before karate chopping them to bits!
Perhaps an outfit like this but in green to be in line with the moniker - Green Hornet. Though I wonder where to put the sting.

A mask would add a dash of 'yeng'ness but definitely not one that eats up my face like Jim Carrey's in The Mask!

#3 - Equip myself with the latest and most canggih gadgets and car!
Every superhero needs to have gadgets to help him/her 'cos the bad guys definitely will have manpower and state of the art weapons. We always watch in the movies how they have better guns and ammunition as compared to the policemen! So, I'll have stinging weapons and a hornet mobile!

A hornet mobile won't hurt either. Better that tan walking or cycling. But instead of black, green should be the colour! =p

#4 - Hone my fighting skills or be trashed like KickAss.
Definitely would learn to fight all kinds of fighting syle- boxing, fencing,

#5 - Then on to serious business, ferret out all the corrupted policemen with lack of integrity and dignity and JAIL them!
You can't fight ALL crime fighters alone and you'd at times need backup ie policemen. So, how can you call them for help if they're not trustworthy and forever slack to soliciting bribes? or too busy bashing up innocent citizens and hatching up fake crimes as cover up?

#6 - Who else would I go for next...
Snatch thieves who are a menace to the Malaysian public. Apparently, crime rate from this bunch has dropped with the hiring of private security guards in many areas. If not, it'll be the second time rapist, murderer, wife and children beater. And people who are guilty but still manage to escape the law. People we know who aren't innocent but because of legalities and loopholes in the law, managed to escape jail time.

And that itself is enough to keep a superhero busy for a bit.

So, fingers crossed that I'll win myself two tickets. Thinking of bringing my mother for a movie date out! =)

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