Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy 21st Jacobie !!

Just reached back from Toowong's Sizzler, celebrating my cousin's 21st birthday! Wow. How time flies. I remember when he was a little tot and I used to 'babysit' him and his sister. How I would feed them and shower them. Waitamin. I am only 5-6 years older. Gosh.

He sure was an adorable kid. Wonder why he's not that cute anymore. =p *hehe*

It was a small affair with just him, his sister, my aunt, Mr. C and I with three of my aunt's friends who's about my age and knows my cousins too! The food was really good but a tad pricey, if you're unemployed. I hear it's more worth it to go for the lunch deal.

For dinner, you can either pay AUD22.50 for the salad bar (this comes with salad spreads, pasta and deserts) or get the meal deals (of course, these mains cost more than AUD22.50) which includes the salad bar. We opt for the main meal deals 'cos for my Sizzling Grilled Chicken, it was AUD25+ where else Mr. C's Pork Ribs were AUD33+.

However, whilst waiting for our mains, we had helpings to the salad and pasta. On top of that, you get to order free cheesy toast and you can keep ordering as much as you can eat. They serve about 4-6 slices per plate. Even before the mains came, I was already full from the salad bar and cheesy toast but I just had to dig into my Sizzling Grilled Chicken after paying such an amount especially when Mr. C and I are on a tight budget!

It was nice to catch up after their trip home from Malaysia and the flood calamity.

My aunt also ordered an ice-cream cake that came with sparkles - known as King Cat, I think. The kind you play during CNY when you're not old enough to handle the more dangerous fire crackers-stuck in the cake in place of candles! Loved the crunchy smarties that flooded the cake.

Overall, was happy 'cos my aunt at the end paid us for the meal and also for helping her out with her job previously. She managed to close the deal and gave me a nice sum for helping out. It's not super a lot but a nice amount that I am grateful for, to tide us over this financial 'crisis'.

I couldn't help but reminisce about my 21st birthday party.

My birthday cake- Chocolate Indulgence from Secret Recipe where the 21st was misspelled.

Group photo... there was pictures of the other half group. Fashion PHAIL for the birthday girl! =p

My first two bouquets of my 21 life on planet earth- left from Mr. C and right from Uncle and family in Melbourne.

Look how the lilies on the right bouquet have bloomed. Few days later, they all wilted and died. That was the end of my ever wanting to receive flower bouquet as gifts.
A few stalks is alright but to bundles of them. It's too heart aching to watch them droop and die off.
Mr. C's gift to me.. flowers, teddy and a key necklace.

This was given to me by my petbrother all the way from the UK.

He was studying there and we were online chatting when he typed out, if I believed in gifts falling from the sky. He actually asked his friend to put the gift outside my house without me detecting him BUT my awesome dog was barking her head off at his intrusion, alerting me of his presence.

Anyways, I ended up trading the pink watch for this, much elegant, grown up watch.
You see, the friend didn't know what to get me and asked the Guess shop lady to recommend him a trendy watch, thus, the pink diamond watch.
Firstly, I am so NOT a pink girl 'cos I am a blue girl! And secondly, I had completed my degree, signalling the end of my student life and was venturing into the working world. Hence, a more "grown up" watch would be appreciated and the silver watch was deemed fitting. It was tough finding a watch to match the price of the pink one, I tell you.
Most of the ones that I like were under the price of the pink watch. Don't ask how much. Let's just say, the pink watch was rather pricey!
All in all, I really can't remember the exact details of the actual 21st birthday but parts of it, like the gifts above, will be forever branded in my memory.

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