Saturday, January 15, 2011

My thoughts on Wednesday

(this was typed out on Wednesday, the 12th of January 2011 when our internet connection was out due to the floods in Brisbane city)


It was a welcomed sunny day- after days and days of non-stop rain.

Today isn’t exactly one of my better days. Slept really late and woke up late for our mid-morning appointment. Truth be told, I was annoyed and a tad frustrated- us sleeping late leading us to oversleeping. But sometimes, it is best to keep one’s thoughts to self instead of relating it out loud especially when the other person isn’t in the mood to listen and especially if it may lead to an unnecessary argument.

It’s good that there isn’t internet connection right now (probably due to the flood issues). At least, I am forced to turn to other avenues instead of frittering away my endless time on checking Facebook, Plurk, ebay, my email and random blogs.

Instead I’ve written a card to a friend back home and a 3 page letter to an aunt in Melbourne. I even had a talked with my mother to assure her that we are alright amidst news about the bad flood in Brisbane. Thankfully, our area is not in the list of suburbs to be flooded and we can still go about.

Earlier in the morning, Mr. C and I went to Garden City- the mall at Mt. Gravatt to meet my dad’s friends. The main couple that we’ve met once before- Barry and Joyce are a lovely couple. They’re pretty on in their years but still possess a jolly and jovial manner. Mr. C and I love the way they banter in such a loving and joking manner which inspires us to be like that.

Then again, I wonder if that’s truly possible with his too-easy-going-never-knowing-when-to-be-serious attitude that does ruffle my feathers every so often. Compile that with my rolling-eyes-in-annoyance attitude, we definitely have our work cut out for us. Hopefully, practice does makes perfect and is not just another ‘wise’ saying.

The other couple is from Malaysia and came to Brisbane to see their daughter off to Bond University at the Gold Coast. They’ve invited us over for dinner on Friday and seeing that we are rather free, we agreed. It’s nice to meet up other people once in a while especially friendly people whom we feel comfortable with and are civilised and nice to us.

We were there for about an hour or two, just chatting amicably, getting to know one another. They all know my dad back home in Malaysia and have met him and my mother on numerous occasions. After that, Mr. C walked for a bit, the mall was really packed and everyone seemed pretty nonchalant about the flood and going on as if all is well with the world. Mr. C’s friend, Hoong in Indooroopilly, on the other hand says people are panicking ‘cos their area is more susceptible to the flood and is deemed as one of the flood areas.

You MUST try the Fajitas Burrito that was first intro-ed to us by Mr. Sotong!

Mr. C and I headed to Salsa's at the foodcourt a
fter meeting U.Barry and gang.

Anyways, upon coming back home, I realised that the internet’s not working which is good. So, I wrote my letters and after typing this, I’ll be reading my craft magazines I borrowed from the library. I wonder if I won the bag that I bid for in ebay. Ebay is a curse, I tell you!


Update: I lost the bag by 50cents 'cos I was sleeping and the other anal person must have been up to bid higher! My maximum bid was AUD5 and the winning bidder won it for AUD5.50!


Finished reading both my craft magazines. Lots of interesting cards to make. Think I’ll get the papers back home in Malaysia to craft them as it definitely is cheaper after conversion. Ok. What next? Thinking of going for a swim seeing how the sun is up today after days and days of pouring rain. However, it’s starting to look cloudy. Mr. C, the bum said that the pool water might be dirty and littered with leaves due to the rain and wind. Thinking of going by myself (well, I definitely need the exercise. Plus, I miss swimming!) while he sleeps like a piggy. =p


We just got back from swimming and had out baths. We really have it easy. Our area and Mt. Gravatt are going about our days like it’s any other day where else Hoong called us from Indooroo and he said most of his neighbours have already evacuated. He is starting to panic. According to news, Uni of Queensland’s tennis court and field have been flooded and even Clement’s first accommodation when he first came to Brisbane at Manor’s is flooded.

As per Hoong, he watched on tivo that Coronation Drive – the road connecting St Lucia, Too Wong and Indooroo to Paddington and the city - is flooded. Hence, there is no way he can come and bunk over at our place. Public transport has ceased operation for now due to the flood!

Hence, we’re really fortunate that our area is not flooded and we still have the privilege to go to the mall and even swimming!


Helped our house mate to dry clean their clothes at the nearby Laundromat. Now, I’ll just read my book and sleep. The earliest sleeping time for me for the whole past few months!


HenRy LeE ® said...

I wonder if Salsa will ever be coming to Malaysia. Btw u have lotsa friends who have funny names ya. Mr Sotong. LOL

It's good that ur internet connection is back on. Enjoy ur days~ :)

goingkookies said...

hehe.. It'll be good if they do but I am not sure if response will be good...

haha.. a lot of friends? who else? haha this one is a nick name for the dude since high school =p

thanks!! u too!