Saturday, January 15, 2011

Creeps and dodginess

I received this via Facebook message.

Initially, I was wondering,"Who on earth is Kevin Jones??!!" and clicked on the message. I mean, nowadays, you never know, it could be a friend who decided to go by a different name or a colleague that you might have forgotten or a friend's friend you met somewhere but forgot about etc.

And this is what the super dodgy message said...

Does this imbecilic guy goes around randomly messaging people, especially girls? And are there any silly recipient that actually replies back??!

Yeah sure, he could be harmless and is really just looking for friendship but spouting words like "hello pretty" , "gorgeous smile... *cough cough* that keeps me crazy in knowing you more better"??!

All signs of a moronic potential stalker, if not, psycho.

So girls, IF you get such messages -even if it's a guy with a handsome profile picture- DELETE IMMEDIATELY or flag him if possible! Do not be suckered into a 'friendly' message and put yourself at unnecessary risk...

... unless you are desperate for friends- dodgy ones at that.

Even then, exercise some plain 'ol common sense.


HenRy LeE ® said...

Oh I got that too. FB should have restrict those non-friends to be able to PM us just like Twitter :)

goingkookies said...

Yeah la.. and msn is forever having some dodgy girl asking for sex or be friends etc... don't this people have a life?

Anonymous said...

msn ones are bots. computer programs that make money for them spammers